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April 21, 2014

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<b>(AUDIO)</b> Don Bouloukos - The Exit Interview

(AUDIO) Don Bouloukos - The Exit Interview

Come June, Don Bouloukos says he will start chipping away at two new personal goals, losing 30 pounds and improving his golf game. Along with spending much more time with his wife Bouloukos is looking forward to retirement, after 41 years in the radio business that all started in Chicago. In the early 70's Bouloukos was tending bar in the Windy City when he noticed radio people would visit his establishment, always having fun, always throwing around a lot of money. Bouloukos knew he could sell so he knocked on the doors of WFYR, where he was hired as a salesperson.


Alpha Purchasing Main Line For $57 Million

Alpha Purchasing Main Line For $57 Million

Alpha picks up 10 stations in five markets, bringing the total number of stations Larry Wilson will soon own to 68. The five Main Line Broadcasting markets are: Richmond-Petersburg, Louisville, Dayton, Hagerstown and Chambersburg. Wilson has been steadily building up his portfolio of stations, and many believe he will be one of the three major players when it comes to company growth in 2014; the other two are Jeff Warshaw at Connoisseur and Dean Goodman at Digity.

Wilson Merges Two Companies Into One

Wilson Merges Two Companies Into One

As Larry Wilson continues to purchase companies he has merged his two companies into one. L & L (Live and Local) and Alpha Broadcasting have become called Alpha Media. The company will continue to operate out of Portland, OR. Wilson said, "The merger will be the culmination of a long-term plan to ultimately combine the two companies and will allow us to streamline our oversight of all stations to take advantage of the many synergies."

Randi Rhodes Ends Radio Show. Again.

Randi Rhodes Ends Radio Show. Again.

This time its her choice according to Premiere. You may remember back in November it was announced that Rhodes would no longer be syndicated by Premiere, but that was reversed and the relationship continued. Until now. Here's the statement from a Premiere spokesperson. I can confirm Randi Rhodes has decided to end her national radio program. Weve had a successful partnership with Randi for several years, and we wish her all the best for the future. Premiere Networks will conclude syndication and production of Randi Rhodes on May 16, 2014.

Greater Media to Cover Boston Marathon

It's been a little over one year since the 2013 Boston Marathon, when two backpack bombs went off near the finish line. Today, that race will be run again and Greater Media in Boston will have extensive coverage of the event. WROR-FM and Radio 92.9/WBOS-FM will have events along the route - WROR's Hank Morse will be broadcasting from Towne on Boylston St. near the finish line from noon to 2 p.m. and WBOS/Radio 92.9 will be at UNOs on Boylston Street (near the finish line). The stations will also have their promo team on site with brand ambassador Jason Rossi.

After 8 Years FCC Shuts Down Pirate In Boston

After 8 Years FCC Shuts Down Pirate In Boston

The stations is called Touch 106.1 FM, operated by former mayoral candidate Charles Clemons. Mass Live is reporting that U.S. Marshals raided the station on Thursday and shut it down. Clemons held a press conference where he admitted he didn't have a license, which he said was pending. In a video on the Mass Live website, Clemons said, "The FCC has decided to silence the community again. Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus. It was illegal to sit at the front of the bus, but it was the right thing to do."


Veau Promoted to PD at WORC-FM

Veau Promoted to PD at WORC-FM

Cumulus announces the promotion of Mark Veau to Program Director of 98.9 WORC-FM in Worcester. WORC is a Greatest Hits format with heritage call letters dating back to WORC-AM that was one of the first stations in the U.S. to play the Beatles. 2014 is Veaus 12th year with the Cumulus cluster. He's been on the air as WORC-FM's afternoon drive personality and hosts the Sunday morning public affairs program for all three stations in the cluster. Veau also serves on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Association of Broadcasters.

JB And Sandy Return Today

JB And Sandy Return Today

Austin personalities JB Hager and Sandy McIlree return to radio Monday as the morning team on new Adult Album Alternative Station "The Fringe." Austins Real Radio The Fringe (105.3) was created by locally owned and operated Genuine Austin Radio. Musically, the station will feature hits from alternative music charts and will be a blend of alternative current and classic hits with local artists and the occasional off-beat song playing a big role in the format. Until last year, JB and Sandy were heard on Mix 94.7 in Austin.

Who Are the Most Influential Women in Radio?

Who Are the Most Influential Women in Radio?

Every June, Radio Ink magazine highlights the tremendous accomplishments of radio's most successful women. For the past 15 years, our Most Influential Women in Radio issue has been one of our most popular, as every woman we profile gives specific details on how she got into radio and climbed up the ladder of success. Also in this issue, we highlight a radio legend, someone who has, year after year, had tremendous success in radio and has also moved the industry forward in a positive way. Send your nominations to


<b>(SALES)</b> Do What You Fear

(SALES) Do What You Fear

(By Sean Luce) Doing what you fear is easier said than done, I promise you. How many of us really take on the thing we fear the most and conquer it or continually challenge it until we overcome that fear? The sales profession has a graveyard of people who couldnt overcome their fear of call reluctance and settled for something lesser than taking on their fears and reaching their true potential.

<b>(SALES)</b> Does Social Media Sell?

(SALES) Does Social Media Sell?

(By Jeff Schmidt) P.T. Barnum said, There is no such thing as bad publicity, as long as they spell my name correctly. I wonder if US Airways feels that way this week. I consider myself pretty plugged in and aware when it comes to social media, but I freely admit I learned a new acronym today. NSFW: Not Safe For Work. I learned this over the fracas caused by a US Airways (@USAIRWAYS) tweet. In case you missed it, US Airways had a tweet go viral in an historic way.

<b>(PROGRAMMING)</b> Who Are You Programming To?

(PROGRAMMING) Who Are You Programming To?

(By Tom Watson) Digital, Internet, terrestrial no matter what the platform may be for your programming, there is one rule that still applies: Local content is king. Live and local wins every time. Ive said this many times over the years: Music alone is not a strong enough benchmark to make and keep your station number one. Im addressing the money demographics, the 30-plus adults, not the millennials of 12 to 30.


<b>(WIZARD)</b> A Time For Confidence

(WIZARD) A Time For Confidence

(By Roy Williams) Most people who sell radio rely on data and statistics. Data and statistics are boring. A client will say they want data when what they really want is confidence. They want to have confidence in your station, confidence in your schedule, confidence in the ad. They want to know this is going to work. Its hard to give other people confidence when you dont have it yourself. Do you have it? If not, I beg you to find it. Your career will forever rise and fall with the level of your confidence.

The 10 Commandments Of Successful Ad Campaigns

(By Neil Gallagher Mike Anthony) The number one reason for listener tuneout in radio was once bad songs. Radio addressed that problem years ago with professional music research. The number two reason for tune-out has been bad commercials so it follows that the most important innovation in the coming years will be the professional testing of radio media campaigns.

<b>(COPYWRITING)</b> Your Life In Commercials

(COPYWRITING) Your Life In Commercials

(By Jeffrey Hedquist) A day in your life provides almost endless opportunities for commercial ideas. Describe all the activities in an ordinary day and youll find stories that can be adapted to advertisements for many advertisers. Here are some of the activities in a typical day of a mythological person in Anytown, USA. Alarm goes off. You get up and talk to yourself, or listen to the thoughts in your head: List of things to do today visit advertiser

<b>(TALENT)</b> Too Subtle To Care?

(TALENT) Too Subtle To Care?

(By Ron Robinson) As recently as last week, during one of my V/O sessions here in Toronto, I broke my own rules and commented on the copy. Normally, Ill take a Gravol and hope the producers wont see me swallow burning vomit. This is to my immediate benefit as my agent does get to launch marshmallow-tipped, heat-seeking invoices on my behalf. I realize I am not working with dummies not at this level of agency experience and expertise.


If This Was Your Station, What Would You Do?

If This Was Your Station, What Would You Do?

Hartford Courant reporter David Owens took to his Facebook page to complain about Angela Dias of WTIC-AM in Hartford, who Owens claims was reading his news stories on the air without giving any attribution. "Imagine my surprise (not really) to hear Angela Dias of WTIC radio reading my story to me this morning and not giving The Hartford Courant credit. She also read another story I wrote, again without attribution, about an awful assault on a baby in Hartford." Owens has a much bigger concern, that broadcasters steal from newspapers. Do you?


<b>(SALES)</b> Closing Is A Funny Word For It

(SALES) Closing Is A Funny Word For It

(By Chris Lytle) Early in my sales training career, I ran across this definition of training: Training is a planned program designed to impart specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes to increase desired behavior in measurable ways. Whenever I sit down to write and record one of these knowledge bites, Im thinking, What do you need to know, what skills do you need to strengthen, and how can I influence your beliefs and attitudes about selling?

<b>(SALES)</b> Ideas Sell Better Than Salespeople

(SALES) Ideas Sell Better Than Salespeople

(By Jeffrey Schmidt) As a young manager in the car business, George was struggling. He had big dreams and goals, his owner had high expectations and George wanted his store to be different from any in town. He asked me for help. I was his radio sales rep.

<b>(SOCIAL)</b> Taylor Swifts Social Media Secrets

(SOCIAL) Taylor Swifts Social Media Secrets

(By Loyd Ford) This isnt about how popular Taylor Swift is or if her career is up or down or if she makes you crazy or you love every smile, every song, and every reaction she has at awards shows. Its about understanding the basic elements of creating the right kind of buzz in social media and engaging where it is most important for actual impact for your brand.


<b>(SALES)</b> Highlights From NAB 2014

(SALES) Highlights From NAB 2014

(By Sean Luce) I was invited to dinner at Sinatras inside the Encore Hotel headquarters of NAB 2014. My host asked me what I thought the best thing about NAB 2014 was, as this was Wednesday night and I was leaving after dinner. It had been a long day (long week) of early breakfasts, seminars, checking out of my hotel that day, and more meetings in the afternoon before dinner.

<b>(SALES)</b> Obstacle Delusions

(SALES) Obstacle Delusions

(By Paul Weyland) OBSTACLE DELUSION: Broadcast salespeople just assume that a local direct client cant afford to pay more than say, $2,000 a month for a schedule on your station. REALITY: Many business owners could afford to pay at least that much per week.

<b>(MANAGEMENT)</b> Tips For Your Rebuild

(MANAGEMENT) Tips For Your Rebuild

(By John Caracciolo) So youve decided to relocate your radio studio. You are about to make a major investment in time and money and, hopefully, move your operation for the last time. Moving a radio station is no easy task; most stations have been in their existing homes for years. So there are many factors to consider some are straightforward, but some can come out of nowhere and bite you when you least expect it.




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Are You Banking Enough Digital Revenue?

Many believe radio's big growth spurts will come from the digital side of the business. Quarter after quarter, the Radio Advertising Bureau reports how digital revenue for radio is exploding as over-the-air revenue remains mostly flat until another political ad bonanza comes along to give it a jolt. If you want to learn how to increase your digital revenue, consider attending Radio Ink's Digital Audio Conference, Convergence, June 4 and 5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our 2014 agenda has been posted HERE. If you would like to be considered to speak on a panel and help radio generate digital revenue GO HERE. REGISTER HERE.



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