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April 16, 2014

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A Gift For You From Clear Channel

A Gift For You From Clear Channel

Clear Channel continues to release research to help the industry show off the power of radio. The latest study, conducted in conjunction with the University of Southern California, included 2,700 respondents and focused on how connected listeners become to their favorite radio personalities. Providing advertisers with more research and hard data on radio has been a goal of Clear Channel and a focus of Clear Channel EVP of Insights, Research and Analytics Radha Subramanyam.


After 40 Plus Years Don Bouloukos To Retire

After 40 Plus Years Don Bouloukos To Retire

Bouloukos is the Market Manager for CBS Radio in New York City. He joined CBS in 1998 when the company purchased American Radio Systems, where he was Co-Chief Operating Officer. Bouloukos said, It is never an easy decision to leave an industry you love, and a company and cluster of stations that have been such an important part of your life. But after 41 years, it is time." Bouloukos was one of Radio Ink's Most Powerful People in Radio from 1999 to 2003. Scott Herman, in addition to his role as Executive Vice President, Operations, CBS RADIO will assume Bouloukos responsibilities when he retires in June.

Feds Shut Down Manhattan Pirates

U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, and Acting Enforcement Bureau Chief of the FCC Travis LeBlanc jointly made the announcement. FCC agents identified a commercial space at 80-84 West 181st Street in the Bronx as the production studio for Rika FM, which illegally broadcasts its programming on 94.5 and 94.9. FCC agents also identified a residence at 1370 St. Nicholas Avenue in Manhattan as the location for Rika FM. FCC agents also identified radio transmission equipment at a second residence at 1370 St. Nicholas Avenue in Manhattan that was being used to illegally broadcast on 95.3 MHZ and 100.1 MHZ.

Emmis Crashes Wall Street

Emmis' WQHT HOT 97 FM, and new sister stations WBLS-FM and WLIB-AM, will celebrate their recent union at the closing bell ceremony at the NASDAQ Stock Market Wednesday. On-air personalities Funk Flex and Angie Martinez from WQHT, Lenny Green, Dr. Bob Lee, Earthquake from WBLS, and Bishop Hezekiah Walker from WLIB will join company executives as Emmis CEO Jeff Smuylan rings the closing bell at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square, New York City.

Shannon Resigns From Conclave

Shannon Resigns From Conclave

Conclave Executive Director Bob Shannon resigned from the Minneapolis non-profit following a health scare. Shannon said, Upon my return from the NAB late Thursday evening, I experienced a medical episode that brought paramedics to my home in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the problem wasnt as life threatening as was originally thought, but it has prompted some soul searching on my part. Therefore, after consulting with my physician and my family, I have decided to curtail all business activities for the foreseeable future and will be resigning all of my obligations over the next few weeks. Sadly, that includes the Conclave.

NextRadio Has Record Download Day

The team at NextRadio has announced that following the release of the new Galaxy S5 last week it had a record day of nearly 5,000 downloads. Last week two new Android phones with the NextRadio app were made available: the reboot of the HTC One (M8) and the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. Both are now available in Sprint stores and online.

Who Are the Most Influential Women in Radio?

Who Are the Most Influential Women in Radio?

Every June, Radio Ink magazine highlights the tremendous accomplishments of radio's most successful women. For the past 15 years, our Most Influential Women in Radio issue has been one of our most popular, as every woman we profile gives specific details on how she got into radio and climbed up the ladder of success. Also in this issue, we highlight a radio legend, someone who has, year after year, had tremendous success in radio and has also moved the industry forward in a positive way. Send your nominations to


Chartrand To Run Boston For Clear Channel

Chartrand To Run Boston For Clear Channel

Alan Chartrand is taking over as Market President for Clear Channel's Boston cluster, replacing Mary Menna who is no longer with the company. Chartrand will oversee operations and programming for KISS 108, JAMN 94.5, Evolution 101.7, and MIA 1430-AM. Chartrand, who previously served as VP of Sales for the Boston cluster, has more than two decades of management experience at various Boston media outlets including being the owner and founder of JAMN 94.5.

Taylor Rejoins Magic In Greenville

Taylor Rejoins Magic In Greenville

Sher Taylor has been hired as midday host on Entercom's Magic 98.9 in Greenville, SC. Taylor rejoins the station from Salems WOLT- FM where she's been co-hosting mornings. Taylor left the station seven years ago to have her first son Austin. "Entercom has always been like family to me and I cant wait to start on mid-days on a heritage brand like Magic 96.9. Taylor has been working in the Greenville market since she graduated from Clemson University in 1995.

Wichita Morning Man Dies

Wichita Morning Man Dies

KHLT-FM Wichita morning host Tim Peters has died. Employees became concerned when Peters did not show up for his shift Tuesday. Air Capitol Media owns KHLT-FM. GM Belinda Atteberry said, "Tims family, friends, and the LITE-FM team are heartbroken and ask for privacy today as we all come to terms with this news." No other details on Peters' death were released.

Kent Walls Joins Go Country

Kent Walls Joins Go Country

Walls will host weekends on Go Country 105 (KKGO) in Los Angeles, which is owned by Mt. Wilson Broadcasting. Walls is an on-air host and reporter for the Anaheim Ducks as well as a correspondent for Ducks Weekly on Fox Sports Prime Ticket. Other sports features on KKGO-FM, hosted by Walls, are in the works.

Boise DJ Jon Hellhake Dies

Boise DJ Jon Hellhake Dies

Known on the radio as Jon Duane, Hellhake died Friday evening after a two-year battle with cancer. He would have turned 69 in two weeks. Hellhake started in radio in 1998 at KIDO-AM where he worked for ten years doing morning drive. He also worked at KPPL's Morning Zoo in denver for ten years but returned to his hometown of Boise. The Idaho Statesman has the full story.


Pussycat Dolls Founder Launches Podcast

Pussycat Dolls Founder Launches Podcast

Robin Antin of the Pussycat Dolls launches a new podcast Tuesday on PodcastOne which will air every Tuesday and focus on pop culture, lifestyle, and fitness trends, and her secrets on being a successful entrepreneur. PodcastOne CEO Norm Pattiz said, Im really looking forward to this podcast. Not only will it attract a huge audience, but working with Robin will be big-time fun. Her millions of fans will have unprecedented access as they listen to her every week on

ESPN Radio Debuts New Podcast Series

ESPN Radio Debuts New Podcast Series

The new series of podcasts is called ESPN Perspectives which the company says will be dedicated to "in-depth storytelling and provocative conversations." ESPN Perspectives is three original shows that provide listeners an inside perspective on sports. All three podcasts are dedicated to the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.


Nominations are being accepted, and flowing in, for the 4th Annual Convergence Digital Awards which are sponsored by vcreative. The awards will be presented at the 7th annual Radio Ink Convergence Conference in Silicon Valley, June 4-5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Like Radio Ink's 40 Most Powerful, the Most Influential Women in Radio, Medallas de Cortez, and the Radio Wayne Awards, these prestigious awards have become recognized symbols of excellence throughout the industry. The deadline tomake your nomination is one week from today


<b>(SALES)</b> Ideas Sell Better Than Salespeople

(SALES) Ideas Sell Better Than Salespeople

(By Jeffrey Schmidt) As a young manager in the car business, George was struggling. He had big dreams and goals, his owner had high expectations and George wanted his store to be different from any in town. He sold high-end cars, so he wanted a high-end sales department. He wanted the best sellers in the business and he knew that the normal compensation system of a base salary for three months then straight commission wasnt going to serve him well. In fact, it was going to lead to the same high turnover than most dealerships experienced. He asked me for help. I was his radio sales rep.

<b>(SALES)</b> Closing Is A Funny Word For It

(SALES) Closing Is A Funny Word For It

(By Chris Lytle) Early in my sales training career, I ran across this definition of training: Training is a planned program designed to impart specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes to increase desired behavior in measurable ways. Whenever I sit down to write and record one of these knowledge bites, Im thinking, What do you need to know, what skills do you need to strengthen, and how can I influence your beliefs and attitudes about selling?

<b>(SOCIAL)</b> Taylor Swifts Social Media Secrets

(SOCIAL) Taylor Swifts Social Media Secrets

(By Loyd Ford) This isnt about how popular Taylor Swift is or if her career is up or down or if she makes you crazy or you love every smile, every song, and every reaction she has at awards shows. Its about understanding the basic elements of creating the right kind of buzz in social media and engaging where it is most important for actual impact for your brand. 1. Taylor Swift knows her audience. Do you know yours? Without a strong vision for what you want to accomplish and who you most want to attract, youre just like every consumer on Facebook or Twitter. Youre wasting your time. To make sure youre not wasting your time, be like Taylor and know who youre after...


<b>(SALES)</b> Highlights From NAB 2014

(SALES) Highlights From NAB 2014

(By Sean Luce) I was invited to dinner at Sinatras inside the Encore Hotel headquarters of NAB 2014. My host asked me what I thought the best thing about NAB 2014 was, as this was Wednesday night and I was leaving after dinner. It had been a long day (long week) of early breakfasts, seminars, checking out of my hotel that day, and more meetings in the afternoon before dinner.

<b>(SALES)</b> Obstacle Delusions

(SALES) Obstacle Delusions

(By Paul Weyland) OBSTACLE DELUSION: Broadcast salespeople just assume that a local direct client cant afford to pay more than say, $2,000 a month for a schedule on your station. REALITY: Many business owners could afford to pay at least that much per week.

<b>(MANAGEMENT)</b> Tips For Your Rebuild

(MANAGEMENT) Tips For Your Rebuild

(By John Caracciolo) So youve decided to relocate your radio studio. You are about to make a major investment in time and money and, hopefully, move your operation for the last time. Moving a radio station is no easy task; most stations have been in their existing homes for years. So there are many factors to consider some are straightforward, but some can come out of nowhere and bite you when you least expect it.


<b>(WIZARD)</b> Radios Unused Strength

(WIZARD) Radios Unused Strength

(By Roy Williams) The fans of a sports team are the members of a club. Their team gives them identity, purpose, and adventure. Political parties, too, give their members identity, purpose, and adventure. Religious organizations and book clubs give their followers identity, purpose, and adventure. A grandmother adores her grandchildren because they give her identity ... purpose ... and adventure. Radio alone among the media has the ability to reinforce identity, provide purpose, and advocate adventure.

<b>(SALES)</b> Too Busy To Succeed

(SALES) Too Busy To Succeed

(By Wayne Ens) Its no secret that radio has reached the critical visionary point in the business revenue lifecycle. Of course, the enemy of critical vision is, This is the way weve always done it. As consultants, we introduce objective new ideas at the critical visionary point. No one hires us to keep doing things the way theyve always been done.




Are you leading the charge to grow digital revenue at your station or company? Are you one of those on the cutting edge of digital technology? Are you willing to share your knowledge, experience, and success with the entire radio industry? Radio Ink is looking for speakers and presenters for Convergence 2014, the longest-running conference where great radio and digital minds merge. Take a look at our 2014 Agenda and contact Deborah Parenti at or fill out this form if you'd like to be part of this year's event.

Are You Banking Enough Digital Revenue?

Many believe radio's big growth spurts will come from the digital side of the business. Quarter after quarter, the Radio Advertising Bureau reports how digital revenue for radio is exploding as over-the-air revenue remains mostly flat until another political ad bonanza comes along to give it a jolt. If you want to learn how to increase your digital revenue, consider attending Radio Ink's Digital Audio Conference, Convergence, June 4 and 5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our 2014 agenda has been posted HERE. If you would like to be considered to speak on a panel and help radio generate digital revenue GO HERE. REGISTER HERE.



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