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September 1, 2014

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The Banzhaf Plan To Challenge Your License

The Banzhaf Plan To Challenge Your License

Yesterday we told you about an article in Broadcasting & Cable quoting George Washington University professor John Banzhaf (pictured) who says he's considering going after radio station licenses if the word "Redskins" is used repeatedly on the air by announcers. Banzhaf says the "R" word is to Indians much like the "N" word is to African Americans. His main beef is with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder (who owns seven radio stations) and the fact that he will not change the name of his NFL football team. However, he's not opposed to making your life a little miserable if you repeatedly use that "R" word. And you know what a nuisance it is when someone, anyone, files a challenge when you try to renew your license. Thursday afternoon we spoke to Banzhaf to ask him why he's going after radio station operators. LISTEN HERE


Cox Drops Bubba in Tampa

Cox Drops Bubba in Tampa

After six years on 102.5 The Bone, Cox has dumped the Bubba The Love Sponge morning show. Cox Tampa Market Manager Keith Lawless said, The Bone will discontinue airing the Bubba the Love Sponge Show effective immediately. We appreciate everything the Bubba the Love Sponge Show has done for us over the past six years. We now are taking the station in a different direction. CMG periodically changes direction, talent and format of its various media programs in order to provide our audiences with fresh perspectives and compelling content. The Bone has proven to be one of Americas most outspoken radio stations. Tampa Bay can expect The Bone to continue to deliver Real, Raw, Radio every day.

An Open Letter to Commissioner Pai

An Open Letter to Commissioner Pai

(by Eric Rhoads) Dear Commissioner Pai: As a child, I was thrilled with AM radio. The stations and air personalities in my hometown got me so excited about radio that I am now celebrating my 45th year in this great industry. I loved radio, and I loved that I could listen to distant signals at night to hear stations in faraway places. At the time, my radio stations were on the AM dial. But it wasn't long before I became enamored with FM, which could offer better audio fidelity (in stereo!). I soon discovered that it wasn't AM radio I had been in love with, nor was it FM radio. It was just great radio. But as my generation grew up, so did FM, and it eventually took over the majority of listening on the dial.

It's About Traffic Not HD Radio

It's About Traffic Not HD Radio

There's been a lot of buzz lately about GM removing HD radio from automobiles. Strategy Analytics Associate Director Robert Lanctot says the radio industry needs to calm down about the conspiracy theories because this is not a precursor to GM doing away with the AM/FM dial altogether. In his latest blog, Lanctot says, "The real news flash from the HD Radio end of the dial is that just as many new GM platforms are adding HD Radio as are dropping so the net is no change and the long-term outlook is for continued broad-based deployment. But the news of the tweak in availability for the Impala highlights a bigger issue playing out in increasingly digital dashboards: access to traffic information."

NAB to FCC: Go Slow With Radio

As we all move to a completely online world, when it comes to filing public and political files online, the NAB is asking the FCC to take it slow. In recently filed public comments the NAB has asked the FCC to consider limited staffing and resources some stations have for such a massive undertaking, limited access to the Internet stations might face and the strain it would put on the Commission when over 15,000 stations attempt to upload the information to the FCC database all at once. The NAB proposes a phase-in for radio to make the transition to an online system and exemptions from any new requirements. Read the NAB's comments on the issue HERE.

Hear From One Of Radio's Best Advertisers

Hear From One Of Radio's Best Advertisers

The RAB and NAB announced Thursday that representatives from Allstate and Leo Burnett will participate in a Q&A at the Radio Show Advertiser Luncheon, September 10. As many in radio know, Allstate is one of radio's best clients, so this will be a great opportunity to hear from an advertiser that believes using radio is a must in order to achieve success with consumers. RAB President and CEO Erica Farber will moderate a discussion with Allstate Senior Manager Amanda Polito (pictured) and Christopher Warmanen, who is the executive creative director at Leo Burnett, Allstates creative agency partner.

Who Are The Best Managers in Radio?

General Managers and Market Managers have a lot of responsibility at Radio stations across America these days. In addition to high revenue expectations, there's the constant challenge of selling radio in a world shifting to digital, managing multiple staffs and stations, finding and keeping good salespeople and keeping their stations strong in the community. Those that execute those tasks do it flawlessly and make it look easy. They are the best in the industry and it's time to recognize them. Radio Ink is now accepting nominations for the 2014 Best Radio Managers in America. MAKE YOUR NOMINATION HERE .


Lynch to Run Monterey for Clear Channel

The Clear Channel Monterey/Salinas market will now be run by Bill Lynch. Lynch is a 15 year radio vet joining Monterey from Momentum Broadcasting, where he was GM since 2012. Before that Lynch was General Manager at Buckley Broadcasting Fresno and Visalia. He's also worked for Susquehanna Broadcasting, Clear Channel, CBS Radio and Entercom.

Diaz to Program KLIF-FM

Diaz to Program KLIF-FM

Cumulus Dallas is bringing in Louie Diaz as Program Director for Top 40 KLIF-FM (i93.3). Diaz was most recently PD at Alpha Broadcastings KBFF and KUPL in Portland, OR. A native of Queens, NY, he started his radio career at the age of 16 at WPLJ-FM in New York City, where he ultimately rose to APD of the station. Cumulus Dallas Market Manager Dan Bennett said, We are excited to have a great talent like Louie Diaz create the future vision of i93 and write the next chapter for our CHR station in Dallas.

WFAN Names Sean Argaman GSM

Argaman is a veteran of the CBS Radio New York sales team, most recently leading the sales efforts for the WFAN/Yankees Radio Network. In addition, Brian Rooney has been promoted to sales manager and will assume additional responsibility working alongside Argaman. Mark Zukerman continues as local sales manager. Steve Kalman takes over for Argaman as head of Yankee sales. Argaman replaces Stephanie McNamara who is no longer with the company.

Greg Smith Is The New VP Of Sales For Cumulus Detroit

Greg Smith Is The New VP Of Sales For Cumulus Detroit

The 19-year radio vet is now responsible for sales at Cumulus' two Detroit stations WDVD and WDRQ. He moves to Cumulus from Greater Media Detroit and also worked for CBS Radio in Detroit for 17 years. Gary Pizzati, senior vice president for Cumulus said: Greg has the market equity we needed to lead the sales for WDVD and Nash in Detroit. He has the relationships and respect from the ad community in the Motor City to make an immediate impact. We're thrilled to have Greg as a part of the Cumulus family in Detroit.

WSHU Promotes Katz To News Director

WSHU Promotes Katz To News Director

In Fairfield, CT, public radio station WSHU has hired Dan Katz as its new news director. Katz previously served as producer of WSHUs Morning Edition and he will now manage a team of six WSHU reporters. PD Tom Kuser said, The news director role is an incredibly important one for our organization and for the community. Dans talent and dedication will ensure we maintain the level of award-winning local news coverage that WSHU has been recognized for, and that our listeners have come to expect.

King Named PD/Morning Show Host In Monroe, MI

King Named PD/Morning Show Host In Monroe, MI

Cumulus Toledo/Monroe makes the announcement that Chris King will take the reins as PD and host mornings at "My 98.3 WMIM." King was APD and promotions director for WCKY-FM in Findlay, OH before taking the promotion. He's also worked for Blanchard Valley Broadcasting at 100.5 FM WKXA and 106.3 The Fox, and most recently, as an announcer for 107.7 The Wolf. He starts ASAP.

Bennett Joins Envision's Weekend Lineup

Bennett Joins Envision's Weekend Lineup

Envision Networks announced that Mike Bennett (WHUD-FM/New York City morning show host) will be part of the all new America Weekend lineup. Bennett will debut the new show tomorrow (9 a.m. to noon). America Weekend covers the lighter side of news and lifestyle issues and offers over 12 hours of programming every weekend. In addition to Bennett, the new lineup also includes host Ed Kalegi, Smith and Sabatino, Animal Radio, and Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline.

GatesAir Adds To Global Sales Force

GatesAir has hired three new regional sales managers for its global sales team. Jason Mak joins the Singapore office as regional sales manager for Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and the ASEAN countries, which include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Jhonny Maroun has been appointed regional sales manager for the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Xavier Collet joins GatesAir as regional sales manager based out of Paris.


WIP Radiothon Starts Tuesday

WIP Radiothon Starts Tuesday

The Philadelphia Eagles and SportsRadio 94WIP in Philadelphia will begin their annual 2-day Radiothon at 6 a.m. Tuesday. Through an auction, listeners will be able to bid on exclusive sports and entertainment prizes with many involving Eagles players and WIP personalities. All proceeds will benefit Eagles Youth Partnerships vital health and education programs that serve over 50,000 low-income children in our community every year.

ESPN Radio Easier to Access on New App

ESPN released an update to its SportsCenter app. with new features just in time for the start of football season. The update includes new on-air navigation that allows one-touch, in-app access into live national ESPN Radio streams (including live game audio coverage) and WatchESPN content (for fans with access through their TV provider), including SportsCenter and all other available programming. ESPNs SportsCenter app has been downloaded more than 53 million times since launch.


<b>(SALES)</b> The Best 42 Cents Ive Ever Spent

(SALES) The Best 42 Cents Ive Ever Spent

(By Jeff Schmidt) In the highly competitive world of sales, differentiation is one of the keys to success. Product, service, or salesperson standouts enjoy more success. Every Saturday morning I used to make it a habit of reviewing my week and sending thank you notes or correspondence appropriate to the people I was in contact with that week. By designating this time, I could focus and make sure I completed the task.

<b>(SALES)</b> The Death Of The Station Manager

(SALES) The Death Of The Station Manager

(By Wayne Ens) As I travel across North America and visit countless radio stations, Ive come to understand that the stock market has killed station managers, and that not having fulltime station managers is slowly but surely dragging down our entire industry. Albert Einstein said, A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Business success guru Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying, If you cant measure it, you cant manage it. The number crunchers love to flaunt that quote, without capturing a deeper understanding of Druckers teachings.

<b>(TALENT)</b> Wanted: New, Courageous Owners

(TALENT) Wanted: New, Courageous Owners

(By Ron Robinson) Last year, one of the larger, Canadian, corporate-radio ownership outfits went on a search for a couple of PDs for stations they had acquired in Toronto (North Americas fourth-largest market) and Vancouver, the pride of the Wet Coast. The invitation to apply included the phrase, We want to talk to the best programming minds in the world. Note: They had just (accidentally?) confessed to not having a clue as to what they were doing.


<b>(SALES)</b> Your Prospect Says NoNow What?  Pt. 3

(SALES) Your Prospect Says NoNow What? Pt. 3

(By Wayne Ens) In my last two blogs we explored why no is a necessary step towards yes in your selling process, and we discussed the first five of our 10 things to do after no. Lets explore the remainder of those 10 steps in todays blog. Step 6: This is the one most often underplayed: Say thanks in a big way. Thanks for the appointment, thanks for giving me new insights into your business or your goals, thanks for considering us, etc.

<b>(SOCIAL)</b> Give Your Station Social-Media Credibility

(SOCIAL) Give Your Station Social-Media Credibility

(By Loyd Ford) When it comes right down to it, some radio stations are simply trying to fake involvement. Probably not yours, but you know gaming the system is a common happening across many broadcast operations. How do we make it seem like we care when wedont. I just cant get up for that. So, if that is what youre into, this isnt for you.

<b>(SPORTS TALK)</b> Own Your Show!

(SPORTS TALK) Own Your Show!

(By Dan Sileo) Over my 23 years in the Sports Talk radio business I have learned so many things about how to make my on-air presentation better and better each year. I work my butt off at it and have had some of the greatest people in our business working with me. And believe me, it is an ever-changing format.


Charging for news coverage?  How would the FCC look at that?

Charging for news coverage? How would the FCC look at that?

by John Garziglia Charging for news coverage -- dollars for stories sounds like something that shocks the conscience. A Nogales radio station is alleged to have charged its Nogales city government for positive news interviews about its municipal performance. What, if any, might be an FCC violation here and does the city of Nogales have any valid FCC complaint because the radio station levied charges for paid news interviews?

Is it Appropriate to Charge For News Coverage?

Is it Appropriate to Charge For News Coverage?

In Nogales, Arizona there's an interesting dispute going on between city officials and the management at KOFH-FM (Maxima 99.1). There's a new administration at city hall that's unhappy with the negative news coverage from the radio station. Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino says his administration is receiving that negative coverage because he refuses to pay for it, as the previous administration had. Garino has asked the FCC to investigate the matter. General Manager Oscar Felix told The Arizona Republic that while it's appropriate to charge for news interviews, the station's financial arrangements with the city have no influence on news coverage and commentary. Charge for news interviews?


<b>(SALES)</b> Your Prospect Says NoNow What?  Pt. 2

(SALES) Your Prospect Says NoNow What? Pt. 2

(By Wayne Ens) In my last blog I said you would probably rather endure a root canal than hear your prospect say, We like your presentation but However, understanding why a prospect says no is one of the most valuable steps towards yes in your entire sales process. In this blog, well explore the first five of 10 things you can do after your client says no, not counting taking hostages until they say yes.

<b>(SALES)</b> The Enemy In The Shadows

(SALES) The Enemy In The Shadows

(By Sean Luce) That was the message at the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters summer convention in Murfreesboro/Nashville, Tennessee last week. During the convention, my company rolled out a full-day of the Liquid Fire Double Oh! 7 seminar. We started out with a video from the most recent James Bond movie, Skyfall. M (Judi Dench) quotes a stirring passage from Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (thanks to Eon Productions/Sony and Universal for the clip from the movie Skyfall...


<b>(SALES)</b> Be Unexpected

(SALES) Be Unexpected

(By Jeff Schmidt) Two of the kids, my wife, and I went to Great America Theme Park this summer. We ate lunch at the food court so we could all choose the food we wanted. I chose a low/no carb option of a bacon cheeseburger, no bun. I ordered it without the fries, but when the plate came it had the fries. No big deal. About five minutes into our meal a young lady who was sweeping up trash noticed that the kids were picking on dad for eating no carb"...

<b>(SALES)</b> Your Prospect says NoNow What?  Pt. 1

(SALES) Your Prospect says NoNow What? Pt. 1

(By Wayne Ens) A Radio Ink reader asked me to create a blog about what radio account executives should do after a client says no. After putting all of your effort and creativity into a presentation, you would probably rather endure a root canal than hear your prospect say, We like your presentation, but Understanding why a prospect says no is one of the most valuable steps towards yes in your entire sales process. We have a proven system of 10 things you can do after your client says no, not counting taking hostages until they say yes.

<b>(TALENT)</b> Harsher Realities

(TALENT) Harsher Realities

(By Ron Robinson) In recent editorials, respected Radio Ink publisher Eric Rhoads offered a pair of admonitions about radio needing a massive PR campaign in order to tell the story. He also suggested radio cut back on its now-common practice of airing large numbers of commercials in single clusters. Even as I contribute at the pleasure of Eric and editor Ed Ryan, I am obliged to submit a not yet to the former and a not enough to the latter.

DASH 2014

Connecting The Dots On  The Connected Car

Connecting The Dots On The Connected Car

(Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads) Perhaps you recall a moment when I leapt from my chair to challenge the panel of automotive experts at our Radio Ink Convergence conference, when they stated that AM/FM radio could potentially disappear from the auto dashboard. That was followed up by a blog with an urgent message indicating that automakers were considering dropping broadcast radio at some point in the future. Reaction to that blog was the strongest I've ever received.

CEA's Gary Shapiro To Keynote DASH Conference

CEA's Gary Shapiro To Keynote DASH Conference

Gary Shapiro is the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association. He'll be one of the keynote speakers at the second DASH Connected Car Conference, to be held in Detroit, October 15-16. Shapiro said, "I'm excited to deliver the keynote address at the DASH Conference, a great mashup of broadcast radio, the automobile industry, and consumer electronics. As the home of global auto industry and an emerging hotbed of startups and technological innovation, Detroit is the perfect location for this meeting of the minds."


Kassan To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

Kassan To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

MediaLink founder and Chairman/CEO Michael Kassan will serve as advertiser co-chair for Forecast 2015, set for November 19, 2014, in New York. Kassan joins co-chair Katz Media Group CEO Mark Rosenthal. "Advertisers have become a critical part of our annual Forecast conference, and we are pleased to continue our history of attracting the very finest in the industry," said Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads. "Michael Kassan has a brilliant mind."

Katz's Mark Rosenthal To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

Katz's Mark Rosenthal To Co-Chair Forecast 2015

Radio Ink is pleased to announce that Mark Rosenthal, CEO of Katz Media Group, has agreed to serve as co-chair of Forecast 2015, November 19, in New York City. Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads said, "Since taking over Katz, Mark has been heavily involved in the development and growth of our industry and has shown true leadership. Having his guidance on Forecast will help shape this year's program, which will have a strong advertiser focus."


40 Most Powerful People In Radio

40 Most Powerful People In Radio

On July 28, Radio Ink's 40 Most Powerful People in Radio list was released. Bob Pittman was crowned the most powerful for the 4th year in a row. The Clear Channel CEO was followed by Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey and CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason. There were some familiar faces that made the list and quite a few new entries this year. In case you missed it, here is the entire list of the Most Powerful for 2014.


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