Radio Ink Convergence 2011 is
a digital media conference for traditional and online radio broadcasters and media companies, and is focused on income- and audience-generating strategies. The conference is set for May 18-19, 2011 at the Microsoft Campus in Silicon Valley, CA, immediately following the RadioTech Summit with Judith Gross. Click above to learn more.

The Radio Tech Summit is a conference about collaboration on keeping radio relevant in the digital era. It's about content, technology, and business. It therefore involves all the key managers at a radio operation.

While the agenda will deal with technological subjects, it will present them in real-world radio contexts. The discussions may involve nuts and bolts, or bits and bytes, but they will not dwell solely on such purely technical elements. Technology will be considered as means to an end: the optimal presentation of content and strong retention of audience.

These subjects appeal to all forms of radio delivery -- terrestrial, satellite, or Internet, in real-time or on-demand.

As a result, the appropriate attendees include anyone concerned about the future of radio services: owners, engineers, managers, IT professionals, program directors, advertisers, podcasters, and online broadcasters. If you're running a radio facility of any kind, you need to be there, and you need your team with you.

Appropriate job titles: 

Station Chief Engineers

Group Engineering Directors

VP/SVPs of Engineering


IT Directors/Managers

Consulting & Contract Engineers

Station Managers

Group Heads

Independent Owners

Program Directors

Operations Directors/Managers

Market Managers

Financial Analysts

Equipment Manufacturers and Vendors

Technology Company Executives

Interactive Media Professionals

Production Directors/Managers & Audio Creatives

Systems Integrators and Consultants

Radio Facility Designers

Audio Engineers/Sound Mixers


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