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Marc Morgan

Marc Morgan on Management

Marc Morgan on Management

Marc Morgan worked for Cox Media Group for 28 years. He retired from the company on April 30, 2012 as the company's Chief Revenue Officer. Morgan joined Cox in 1984 as vice president and general manager of WCKG-FM in Chicago, Ill. where he worked until 1992 when he was named vice president and general manager of WSB Radio in Atlanta, Ga. until 1998. From 1996 to 1997 he served as senior vice president of Cox Radio, Inc. and from 1997 to 1999 as senior group vice president. In 1999 he was named vice president and co-chief operating officer of Cox Radio, Inc. and in 2003 was named executive vice president and chief operating officer until 2009, when he began serving as Chief Revenue Officer. He currently serves on the Executive Committee of the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Board of Directors. Before joining Cox he held various sales and sales management positions with ABC Radio in both Chicago and New York. He can be reached at

Are You A Manager Or A Mouse?

Are You A Manager Or A Mouse?

You see it quite a bit in the political arena. In fact, it was a radio talk host who got me thinking about the idea for this article. In the course of discussing one of the issues du jour and whether Party No. 1 would handle it better than Party No. 2, he said, Party No. 1 isnt really advocating anything newer or better than Party No. 2. Party No. 1 just wants to be in charge. I soon began to notice this in the business world as well.

Aren't We in The Communications Business?

How many times have you heard those words? They usually come around the time someone (or a lot of someones) fails to communicate. So, given that we are in a business that communicates with an audience 24/7, the absurdity of being unable to communicate with someone 20 feet from your desk is exposed and highlighted by using sarcastic humor, just like they did on WKRP. Funny stuff,right? Not so!

An Industry Of Penguins

I can only worry about the things I can control. I have been a subscriber to this school of thought for a long time. Its been especially effective in the last several years in the radio industry, where growth has been dismal at best and competitive threats abound. The essence of this concept is that old, trusted, and possibly overused word: focus.

Radio's Odd Couple Tackles The New World

This is not a new subject. Ive touched on it in previous writings. But, as the discussion of radios future ramps up, it needs further exposure: The working relationship between the sales manager and the program director must change from a perennial workaround to an important ingredient for radios success in the future.

Identify, Compensate Success

Ratings, revenue, and profit. The Big 3. Thats all that matters when youre defining success, right? Well, the fact is those things do matter, and in a big way, especially in businesses and industries where debt, Wall Street, and investment companies loom large like radio.

Pulling Your Best Client Off The Air

Its a subject thats been discussed almost ad nauseum recently, especially in the context of the election and the entire political dialogue weve heard since. Debt. Too much debt. Whos going to pay the debt? Serious stuff, actually.

So You Want To Be A GM

When up-and-coming execs tell me they want to move up to the next level, like going from sales manager to GM or GM to market manager or moving to the hallowed corporate suite, I always look them straight in the eye and say, Are you crazy?

Coexisting With The Arbitron Beast

Ratings. When I hear that word, I can still summon up the agonizing, gutwrenching, sleepless-night feelings I got when it was time for the book. I mean, lets face it, a good book can make your year, and a bad book can kill it. And when you factor in the flaws in Arbitrons methodology, both PPM and diary, as well as the fact that all research is imperfect and subject to flukes and spikes, it makes the whole experience even scarier.

Make Radio Relevant All The Time

Sandy is gone, but her effects still linger. That tragic event wreaked havoc on far too many people, and one that serves as yet another reminder that Mother Nature can turn our world and our lives upside down, anywhere, any time. Its hard to ignore the role radio played in helping victims of the storm in a multitude of ways, from warning and advising before the storm struck, to informing and facilitating communication in the following days.

Helping PD's Succeed Sooner

I have great respect for the value of excellent program directors, and for the difficult job they do. PDs have to balance many different areas, from executing a strategic plan to managing the day-to-day performance of their key on-air talent. Since you cant expect your station to be anything but average without great air talent, the pressure on the PD is even greater.

Confront Chaos With Constants

If youre a general manager, market manager, or group executive, youve seen a lot of fundamental change in our business over the last few years. And if you sat down and thought about it, you could no doubt put together a list of Things I never thought I would see when I got into this business like the Internet and all it has brought with it, bad and good, or predictions of traditional radios demise from people both smart and dumb (including college professors who notice their 10-year-olds are listening to iPods in the car).