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Cumulus Chairman Jeff Marcus

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The REAL Power Of Local.

First, in order for radio to sell more advertisers, radio has to prove radio gets results -- shamefully radio’s most unsold and unmarketed “story.” And for a very simple reason: Getting results for advertisers is not a priority among radio’s largest companies.


How many sales do you make on a fact-finding call? "Say what? Sales, you say?” Yes, sales! What kind of sales? We’ll start with a reminder from a previous blog… Sale #1 Convince advertisers you're there to help them grow their business by demonstrating you’ve done your homework…

(AUDIO) Dave Gifford Launches New Sales Website

<b>(AUDIO)</b> Dave Gifford Launches New Sales Website

Dave Gifford has been helping salespeople and sales managers improve their skills for decades and today Gifford launched a new website that will continue that work. The site is and will include previous articles written by Giff, information on consulting services and special guest sales bloggers. We spoke to Gifford about the site, the number one problem facing salespeople today and how he plans to help sellers moving forward.

The Myth Of Motivation

Was former General Electric CEO Jack Welch a great motivator? If his inspirational leadership influenced people to do what he wanted them to do, most business people will agree to that characterization. But by those standards so too were Ghengis Kahn, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Osama bi Laden, Abraham, Buddah, Jesus Christ, and the Prophet Muhammad great motivators.

Why Most Radio Campaigns Fail

More money is wasted in radio advertising than is spent wisely. And that includes award-winning commercials which, in my opinion, should never have been produced. Great examples of audio "creativity," yes, but lousy ads. Why do so many radio campaigns fail?