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(AUDIO) Sports-Talk Takes Center Stage This Week

<b>(AUDIO)</b> Sports-Talk Takes Center Stage This Week

Two topics are sure to be buzzing in Dallas this week when the Radio Show gets rolling at the Hilton Anatole. What stations should do about their clunky sounding online stream and the soon-to-be very crowded sports-talk radio space. The latest Radio Ink Magazine hits the mail today and we have a special report on the format, along with a feature on WFAN, which celebrated 25 years in the format this year. Both CBS (with Cumulus), and NBC Sports (with Dial Global) are launching 24-hour sports networks in 2013. Someone who's been in the news, as networks scramble to grab the best talent, is Jim Rome. Rome has been a successful syndicated sports talker for over 15 years and there's been speculation that he'll be joining the CBS network in 2013. We spoke to Rome just a few days before that news hit to get his take on his career, the growth of the format and his love for radio. Here's our interview.

(AUDIO) CBS Says We Are Just Like You

<b>(AUDIO)</b> CBS Says We Are Just Like You

CBS Sports like NBC Sports will be launching hourly sports updates September 4th. Both are easing into full blown sports networks planned for 2013. CBS will come out of the gate first in 2013 with around-the-clock sports in January and NBC will be 24/7 later in the year. Yesterday we reported that NBC will have about 100 stations taking its hourly updates. CBS has about 70.

(AUDIO) NBC Already Has 100 Affiliates

<b>(AUDIO)</b> NBC Already Has 100 Affiliates

If all goes according to plan, both NBC and CBS will be launching their update products September 4th. CBS will go into 24 hour mode early in 2013, NBC later that year. NBC - with help from Dial Global - says it already has 100 affiliate stations ready to take the udpate product, which is pretty good being neither company owns any radio stations. When CBS launches it will not only have its own signals to cherry pick from, with Cumulus as a partner, there will be hundreds more to choose from.

Rome Never Took No For An Answer

Rome Never Took No For An Answer

We are only a few short weeks away from hearing what CBS and NBC will have to offer stations with their new sports updates. CBS will distribute with help from Cumulus, NBC with Dial Global. In our continuing series on the exploding success of this format, today we hear from Jim Rome. Rome is one of the most successful sports radio talk show hosts this format has ever seen and he'll be part of our September 17th special report. The Jim Rome Show is heard on over 250 stations with 1.5 million weekly listeners. He's syndicated by Premiere and is known for his aggressive style. In a sneak preview of our interview with Rome, he explains how that approach landed him his first job in radio. A job he had to have doing sports on an AM station in San Diego in 1986. Here's a short clip from our interview.

(AUDIO) Fox Will Not Roll Over to New Sports Networks

<b>(AUDIO)</b> Fox Will Not Roll Over to New Sports Networks

As the countdown to the new radio sports network battle approaches, Senior Vice President for Sports Programming at Premiere Networks Don Martin tells Radio Ink his powerful brand - with backing from Clear Channel - are a force to be reckoned with as this format explodes. Martin is part of our special series focusing on sports talk, which is part of the upcoming Radio Show issue of Radio Ink Magazine in September. Here's a short preview from Martin who says although he loves his competitors, they should not expect Fox Sports to roll over for them. Tomorrow we'll hear from long-time sports talker Jim Rome.

(AUDIO) Role of Radio Management Misplaced

<b>(AUDIO)</b> Role of Radio Management Misplaced

As the new sports talk networks role out in 2013, it'll be interesting to see where Dan Patrick winds up. Patrick is part of DirecTV/FOX Sports Radio, but that deal expires soon, and, no doubt, everyone wants Patrick on their team. Not only is he a top-notch broadcaster with extensive sports knowledge, he understands that you need to be entertaining to succeed at radio, and he is.

ESPN New York Will Play Second Fiddle to Nobody

ESPN New York Will Play Second Fiddle to Nobody

Dave Roberts is GM of ESPN New York (98.7-FM) and he reminds everyone that despite all the publicity others are getting, ESPN continues to produce quality programming featuring all-star talent. The radio industry is only a few weeks away from hearing what CBS (with Cumulus) and NBC (with Dial Global) have to offer in terms of a national sports network. Talent poaching has already begun.