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Stephanie Winans

The Art Of Social Media

We talk a lot about the science of social media -- the strategy and the measurement of our efforts. What we dont talk about enough is the art -- the philosophy of social media that drives our presence. Strategy is important.

Know Thy Digital Competitor

Whether youre developing a strategy for social media, planning to update the station website, creating a business model for streaming, or wondering why you arent getting advertisers digital dollars, conducting an analysis of the competition is key. Why?

Morning Shows Deserve Facebook Pages

Three clients have approached me in the last few months, all worried because the station they work for is threatening to cancel their Morning Show Facebook page. Not because their behavior on Facebook is out of line with the station brand, or because it is distracting them from the on-air product, but because they view it as a threat to the growth of the stations Facebook presence.

Pinterest And Top 40 Radio

Theres a reason so many brands and businesses are creating a marketing strategy just for Pinterest: Its a huge traffic driver. Recent statistics show it provides more referral traffic to other websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined. Whether youre a blogger, a retail boutique, or a radio station, traffic to your website is important.

Women Succeeding In Digital

(By Stephanie Winans)Use Facebook for this. Use Twitter for that. Take more video. Promote the new app. Tease website content. Managers are inundated by digital changes. But whos doing the research to keep your company cutting-edge? Whos writing the online content, setting up the social platforms, and executing the strategy?

Radio and Social Media

Radio Ink writer Stephanie Winans has written a blog for the website Social Media Sun entitled "Radio and Social Media." Winans explains how Radio, and now social media, share the opportunity of immediacy. "Until the emergence of social media, no other medium was able to react as quickly to breaking news or world crisis."

Are Social Media Endorsements A Good Idea?

Social media-savvy radio clients are inquiring about online endorsements, creating revenue opportunities for both radio stations and air talent. However, with opportunity comes responsibility. Stations and talent have built online communities based on trust. Listeners trust that your social media content will be a reflection of what they hear on the air an extension of your station brand or your on-air personality. They also trust that you wont spam them.

Is Radio Above Facebooks Rules?

In May of 2011, Facebook released (quietly, of course) new guidelines for brands using the platform. Here at The Randy Lane Company, we notified our clients of the new rules, and tried to help you understand them. Fast forward 15 months, and youre still asking about it. Not only are you asking about it, but youre still violating the rules. Often.