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Theresa Merrill

Theresa Merrill On Sales

Theresa Merrill On Sales

Theresa Merrill is the Director of Business Development for Anovick Associates. She has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in NY, Boston and Atlanta working for Katz Communications, CBS, Tribune and Cablevision and can be reached at 201.444.2991 or by e-mail

Sales Lessons My Dog Taught Me

When I first got Boo, my black Lab, a friend remarked, after watching her chase squirrels up a tree, "Don't worry, that will stop in a couple of years. My dog has figured out he'll never catch one and has given up." Boo will turn eight this year and she still chases squirrels like mad.

Negotiate to Close the Deal

As salespeople, we tend to believe that the biggest obstacle that prevents us from closing the deal is price. Price is always on the table; though rarely is it the real issue. In fact, most price concessions are initiated by the salesperson, not the buyer. What does the buyer want in a negotiation? The best deal.

Who Are Your Ideal Customers?

(by Theresa Merrill) Is your sales funnel full of prospects that you are unlikely to close, or if you did close them would they turn out to be unprofitable? Why not identify who your ideal customers are and focus your time and resources where youll get the highest return?

How to Successfully Schedule an Appointment

There is nothing worse than showing up for an appointment with a targeted prospect to only have them not be there. After all the time and energy you spent identifying and reaching the decision maker, you dont want that wasted on a no-show. Sometimes its unavoidable, last minute crises do occur and youre likely at the bottom of their priority list for the day. And sometimes the prospect forgetsbut there are ways to increase the probability of success.

The Negotiation Starts At "Hello"

When do you think the negotiation begins? Upon delivery of your marketing plan? Remember the line from Jerry Maguire, "You had me at hello"? Savvy negotiators set the stage for successful negotiations by understanding that the negotiation starts at "hello."

Use LinkedIns InMail to Reach Decision Makers

Salespeoples success is directly linked to their ability to prospect and reach decision makers. LinkedIn is the largest professional social network on the Internet for gaining access to the B2B community. It empowers you to with the tools to circumvent gatekeepers and get your message in front of the decision maker.

7 Strategies to Reduce Email Errors

Email errors made in the past month, by The New York Times and Vassar College are reason enough to examine the way we use this communication tool. These prestigious institutions sent erroneous emails to 8 million subscribers and 76 early-decision applicants, respectively, misinforming them of their status. Both a P.R. and customer service disaster, with lingering fallout, it reminds us that technology is still subject to human error. In order to reduce email errors with prospects and clients, use these seven strategies.

Are You Keeping Your Customers Satisfied?

I worked for a media rep firm whose CEO was fond of saying our most valuable assets go down in the elevators every night. As an employee I appreciated the sentiment; however, he was wrong. The customer is the most important asset of any organization. Period.

Produce a Powerful Sales Presentation

Youve met with the prospect, conducted a thorough needs analysis and contracted for a follow-up meeting. How do you blow them away with your presentation? A salespersons success in crafting a compelling presentation depends on their ability to understand the prospects business so well that he can identify and analyze problems and come up with a solution.

7 Steps To An Effective Client Needs Analysis

(by Theresa Merrill) Years ago I was sought out by a media firm for a consultative sales position. During the interview process, I was to present to a team of managers my follow-up to a Client Needs Analysis I conducted for a prospect. While summarizing the clients needs and problems my manager to-be shouted out What does this have to do with why they should buy time on our network?he didnt get it.

Identify Why You Do What You Do?

(By Theresa Merrill) By now youve most likely jotted down a few New Years resolutionssome personal, some professional. Much is written about goal setting and typically the focus revolves around the steps that lead to the achievement of goals. Back up a minutelets approach this from a different vantage point; first ask Why You Do What You Do?

Why Do Salespeople Give Up Too Soon?

(by Theresa Merrill) Successful salespeople are able to bounce back from rejection. They understand that its business, not personal. However, many sellers give up too soon. They take no literally and dont keep pursuing their prospect, whether its for an appointment or securing the deal. Here's why "No" is never final in my mind.

How To Get Past The Gatekeeper

Technology has not replaced the gatekeeper. When cold-calling C-suite decision makers you will inevitably encounter one. Sure you can charm them, but their job is to block accessnot give it. Try these six steps to successfully reach decision makers. Remember your goal is to obtain an appointment.

6 Ways to Brand Yourself on Linkedin

LinkedIn is free advertising for your favorite brandYOU! As the worlds largest professional network, it's a platform for sales executives to build relationships with potential customers and colleagues. A dynamic audience for you to engage, influence and leverage connections. Start controlling your online identity with these six steps to brand yourself on LinkedIn.

Social Media Has Revived Cold Calling

Cold-calling is thrivingthanks in part to social media. The parallels are impressive. Effective cold calling is about engaging the prospect with a valid business reason. Social media is about brands trying to make meaningful connections with consumers. All contact with a new business prospect is cold whether its via social media, networking, email or the phone. Even with Inbound Marketing, there is always going to be a need for prospecting to develop new customers.