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What You Can Learn From A Competitive Review

What You Can Learn From A Competitive Review

(By Jeff McHugh) When I was operations manager at Clear Channel (now iHeart Media) in St Louis, I really believed in Mason and Remy, the upstart young Country morning show on 937 The Bull. Mason and Remy were in an uphill battle against Cornbread, the funny and talented drive host with a long heritage of winning at WIL.

How to Build A Cohesive Team

Here are some key strategies that will help your radio or television team work together for optimal performance. 1. Encourage each player on the show to take one personal growth seminar or class, attend a convention at least once a year, etc. The more fulfilled you are within yourself the more you are likely to get along with the group. 2. Periodically set and reset goals for the show AND for each individual.

Where to Find Stars

The smartest companies never stop looking for new talent. Recently, we featured an interview with Craig Bruce, head of content for Southern Cross Austereo in Sydney in this newsletter, and he said that his company looks under every rock to find new talent. "The minute we have a successful show like Hamish & Andy we start looking for their replacement." As an industry, we need to be on a mission to find the next Howard Stern or Jimmy Kimmel. So, where do we find talent today since we have lost overnights and weekends to voice tracking?

How To Encourage Binge Listening

(By Jeff McHugh) If you've ever gorged yourself on multiple episodes of Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, or House Of Cards, you know the power of a dramatic storyline involving compelling characters with cliffhanger endings. Suddenly, you're "bingeing" on entire seasons on Netflix in one weekend. Those same principles are equally effective in driving ratings on your radio show.

Are Tag Lines Obsolete?

Requiring air talents to bark out tag lines every time they open their mouth is wasting precious time. Time that could be better spent delivering a hook headline to instantly engage the audience. You dont want to waste even a nanosecond when the average attention span is down to nine seconds, according to one study.

All Christmas Music = Ratings!

Changing formats to Christmas music 24-7 for four to seven weeks is an exceptional ratings opportunity AND challenge for adult stations in the US and Canada. Two things happen for most stations, especially those lucky enough to be in markets where they are the exclusive Christmas music station: 1. The cume increase can triple for your station; 2. P1 TSL can be significantly damaged during the same period

The Old Vs. New Coaching Model

The Old Coaching Model: Radio program directors and consultants primarily focused on negatives and, to a lesser degree, berate talent for their shortcomings. This outdated style of coaching is a recipe for not getting the most creativity and productivity out of talent. It causes resistance, resentment, and unnecessary conflict. The New Coaching Model: Is a collaborative process that unlocks a person's and show's creative potential. As a program/brand director, you are a coach, facilitator, and master interviewer who helps bring out the strengths of talent.

A Tribute to Kidd Kraddick

A Tribute to Kidd Kraddick

(By Randy Lane) Sadness, shock, loss and hope ran through my entire being. Hope that the news of Kidd Kraddicks death was some cruel joke or stunt. It was not. My thoughts went to his daughter. Kidd and Caroline had such a loving relationship. Im remembering how proud Kidd was of Caroline when I met her as bubbly and artistic 14 year old. I imagine the pain she must be feeling.

How Much Music Should You Play?

This question comes up a lot. PPM conventional wisdom is that radio stations have to play more music in all dayparts, including 6 a.m.-10 a.m., to win. This view is valid in many marketing situations, yet not all.

Creating the Perfect Demo Pt. 1: What To Do

The sole purpose of your demo is to move you to the top of the list and get you an interview. Begin your demo with a quick imaging piece that introduces you. This adds a production element and sets up what your prospective employer is going to hear. Make it quick, no long intros. If you are using a musical or parody introduction the same rule applies; make it short, entertaining and relevant.

Show Opens: Yes or No?

Most great radio and TV shows have opening theme music, songs, or stagers that become familiar to listeners or viewers as a signal that the show is starting. Its an opportunity to brand your show and engage the audience. Several approaches can work.

You Ain't From Russia, So Why You Rushin?

Imagine reading a blog magazine or a book without punctuation none of the content would be memorable no points would stand out because without pauses sentences and paragraphs the message is unclear Was that hard to read? Because thats what you sound like to listeners when you rush through breaks.

Lance Armstrong: Villain or Victim?

I've never wanted to believe Armstrong was using performance enhancers to win seven Tour de France races. Then I heard he decided to no longer contest the charges against him. Like the media and everyone in the world, Im thinking Here we go again another fallen sports hero on the same team with Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds and Mike Tyson.

Replacing A Show Player

(By Angela Perreli) Right now, "American Idol" is scrambling to fill the judges' chairs. "X Factor" went through the process last year, as did "Americas Got Talent." And there will come a time when a key player of your show leaves and you have to replace them.

The Radio Newsroom

The Radio Newsroom

The fact that everyone is talking about it: challenged by it; disturbed by it; annoyed by it; loving it; cant wait to see the next one -- all of the above, we absolutely love it! That's Jeff Daniels, who stars in HBOs "The Newsroom" as network anchorman Will McAvoy, commenting on the controversy surrounding the show.

Are Your Features on Autopilot?

(Randy Lane/Angela Perelli) If your show has been successful for a while, or if the ratings are stalling, it might be time for a content mapping session. The idea behind content mapping is that all products, services, benchmarks, features, etc. have a life cycle. You must be honest and clear on where every regularly aired feature is in its marketing life cycle.

How To Judge Your Benchmarks

Kramer, from That Guy Kramer, asked us a great question after a benchmark mapping article we wrote. He asked, "What kind of TEST to put features through to actually determine whether they are A, B or C?"

How to Connect With Your Audience

(By Angela Perelli) Would you be surprised to know that "You are not alone" is the subject line with the highest open rate? According to Copyblogger, "I don't want to be alone is a compelling, universally recognized statement. The need to belong -- to know that others are going through the same life experiences -- is primal."

Tips For Talent Blogs And Morning Show Websites

By Stephanie Winans) Blog smog. You aren't a blogger. Why should you worry about improving your writing skills?As radio companies put more emphasis on digital growth, you are now responsible for website traffic and social media engagement in addition to on-air ratings. Becoming a better blogger will give you organic content for your social networks, increasing Web traffic as users are enticed to click through. Better blogs may also forge stronger relationships, turning casual listeners into P1s.

Tips from Steve Jobs & The Beatles

The May 2012 issue of "Fast Company" magazine included an article called The Lost Steve Jobs Tapes which featured previously unreleased conversations with Steve Jobs. This conversation with Steve has a lesson for radio relating to creating balance within your programming team or morning show: My model of management is the Beatles.

Have You Been Whacked With A PPM Stick?

(by Randy Lane) Have you come down with a case of PPM? A show altering experience where you are making adjustments to your performance that you've never made before? Here are cures for the common symptoms:

Get Ratings From Your Podcast

Did you know that in order for your morning show podcast to get credit with Arbitron, the podcast (if you post a whole hour or whole show) has to contain 100% of the broadcast audio including commercials? We didnt either.

What's My Line?

With radio and television hosts, even online producers, being fired or suspended over questionable comments made on-air and online, there's been a lot of talk lately as to "where is the line?"

Is Your Air Staff Driving You Crazy?

(by Randy Lane) Morning shows got a lot of heat as markets made the transition from diary to PPM. The real-time methodology exposed vulnerabilities of personality-based shows and made managers gun-shy about paying a lot of money for a show that wasnt delivering the ratings they used to. Shows that were too inside, rambled too long, talked about things no one cared about, didnt use hooks and teases to lure and hold listeners all these flaws could remain hidden with the popularity contest mentality of diarykeepers.

10 Tips for Aspiring Program Directors

(by Angela Perelli) Great companies in our industry are always looking for innovative ideas and those people that can come up with them. If you are in the programming side of the business and have a desire to advance and become a program director, here are ten ways you can get an edge over others trying to aspire to become programmers. Above all, do not be afraid to tell your superiors your goals and ambitions so they are aware you have that desire to advance. Then, follow these guidelines to get there.

12 Qualities of Successful Program Directors

(by by Angela Perelli) PDs, if you struggle in some of these areas youre not alone. Rarely can one person be all of these things, since programming requires both a mind for art and a mind for science, and each of us tend to lean one way or the other. In the areas where you are weaker, look for help. Hire a team that can balance your weaknesses, and hire your own personal board of directors to offer you guidance and help you grow. Looking ahead to 2012, here are 12 qualities you should strive for to help you succeed as a PD in this always changing industry.

Is Your Morning Show Working Too Hard?

(by Randy Lane) Those morning show guys get paid twice as much as anyone in Sales and they only working 25 hours a week! We frequently run across frustrated managers regarding the apparent lack of commitment on the part of their morning shows to work a full 8 hour day or anything even close to that. 9-5 is not the only world out there.

Randy Lane Offering Free Aircheck Reviews

Lane said, "We share the social responsibility to help our friends in radio in a time of need. In light of recent industry layoffs, The Randy Lane Company is offering free aircheck reviews to the first 50 unemployed radio personalities to register. We know that downsizing is a reality and want to help those that are passionate about radio to get back on the air."

Advice on Finding Your Next Gig

As we've been reporting, there have been quite a few personnel changes in the radio industry over the last week. A lot of good people are now looking for work. We've reached out to industry vets to get advice on what you can do to stay in the game, get back on the horse and continue to work in the industry you love. Today, great advice from Randy Lane.

Five Ways To Keep Good Talent

(by Randy Lane) Once you've put your training and treasure into an air-talent starting to prosper at your station, do you worry he or she will bolt for greener grass elsewhere? After all isn't it natural for everyone to want to advance and move up the ladder? If you want to keep that talent in the stable, here's Randy Lane with 5 tips to help you keep that great sounding talent on your team.

How to Pull Off A One-Man Morning Show

(by Randy Lane) Many of the suggestions we make are for multi-player shows. Yet there are many morning shows across the country, in all markets, that have a cast of one. Here are some ways to have a successful show with one player. Many of these tips work for multi-person casts as well.

5 Things You Might Not Be Doing To Increase Ratings

Randy Lane is at it again. Giving away his secrets that is. In this piece Randy gives PD's and talent 5 items to keep on their checklist to stay strong in the ratings. And you guys know your life is pretty dependent on winning in the ratings.

Succeeding in a PPM World

Is the radio industry destined for more music and less personality? Two things may be pushing us in that direction, the PPM and the Pandora Phenomenon (not to mention consolidation of course). Many people are saying that actual listening levels from the PPM have not been kind to talkers who have had massive shares in the past. With the extreme popularity of self-created radio stations, exactly where are we headed? In the upcoming issue of Radio Ink with Randy Michaels on the cover, we asked a slew of talk experts for their thoughts on this topic. And, while we had their attention, we also asked them to help us give managers tips for their. Here is the first in a series of answers to the question; What makes talent great in a PPM world?