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Ivan Braiker

Radios Future

The future, a subject the radio industry lives with and stresses about often, was on display at South By Southwest Interactive. Beyond the long lines and the incessant partying, there were thousands of shiny objects in Austin, Texas.

(MOBILE) Radio Revs Engines At CES

<b>(MOBILE)</b> Radio Revs Engines At CES

(By Ivan Braiker) As much as the Consumer Electronics Show is about new products, this years version is also about the old. As I walk the aisles in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the word smart is everywhere. Smart TVs. Smart cars. And, yes, smart radio.

Consumer Products, Mobile, Radio And You

For just around a year now, Ive been contributing this Mobile Column to RadioInk. And most of the pieces Ive submitted have been offering up suggestions on how our industry can better use the medium to help our own medium not just survive, but thrive. Im taking a bit of a departure for this one and turning to a totally different industry for inspiration: consumer packaged goods. More specifically, ones from Clorox.

Mobile + Radio = News Consumption

As the calendar turned to October, our nations thoughts turned to the upcoming election, and such, people are likely consuming more news during this time of year than others. For the next two months, the adage all politics is local is particularly truewith plenty of presidential swing states in play, as well as state and local elections, and ballot initiatives.

What Mobile Ad Stats Mean For Radio

In June, my company Hipcricket distributed a national survey via email in hopes that results would provide insight into consumer behavior and attitudes toward mobile advertising. For radio stations, it's clear that listeners have gone mobile, and mobile marketing has popped up as a way to drive revenue for the station and advertisers. It drives increased interaction and brand awareness through another channel for content -- whether its a live stream of your audio, Web-only audio, or video programming.

A Quarter Century of Sports Radio

It's hard to believe it now but before July 1, 1987, sports radio didn't exist -- period. I just finished reading Grantland's excellent look at the birth of sports radio. It struck me that, what is now commonplace -- there are more than 700 sports stations now -- was a huge gamble just 25 years ago.

Are You A True Marketing Consultant?

A local restaurant chain in a small town is advertising on air and with display ads on their local radio stations website. For a small business, they do a great job of marketing locally yet they are missing a huge piece of the puzzle: mobile availability. Your customers probably never thought they could conquer this channel with help from you, their radio station partner. But if you take the right steps to redefine your role, they can.

Pioneers Offer Insights In New Book

The most fascinating aspect of the radio pioneers featured in the new book, "Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices," is that they moved their businesses forward by acting upon their belief in the marriage of mobile and radio.

Radio's Glory Days Are Here To Stay

Yes, it's that time of year again: The annual NAB conference is headed back to Las Vegas. It's an exciting time for those of us in the media industry and I, like many others, am looking forward to all the news, products, and people that I'll see at this year's show.

The Next Generation of Media Buyers

(by Ivan Braiker) Have you heard about the digital advertising The GAP did recently? In todays day and age, staying abreast of the latest digital ad trends is imperative for brands to stay top of mind in a market when the only time that consumers are not seeing advertisements is when they are sleeping. So how does this tie into broadcast media?

Will Super Tuesday Radio Ads Hit The Mark?

(by Ivan Braiker) As Super Tuesday approaches, speculation and questions are circulating aplenty. Sure, the pundits have theirs, related to the remaining GOP candidates and outcomes. But I have my own, which are particularly relevant to this publication.

Geotargeting. Is It Part of Your Plan?

SoLoMo its a portmanteau of social, local, mobile, a single word that describes the unique convergence of social media and localization applications on a mobile device. And it makes sensemobile is truly the only medium that can marry search and localization. But that doesnt mean other media cant benefit from this marriage.

How To Become a Mobile Organization

By now youve all probably heard me evangelize about using mobile as a way to reach and engage with listeners. This time around, Id like to talk about another way to use mobile to your advantage for internal communications.

Radio Pride. Should We Ditch it?

Right around this time each year, as the technorati of the world trek to Las Vegas to take in the latest gadgetry, I am struck by this thought: Although I work in a world that bridges new media and traditional media, I admit that sometimes its a lot of work to make a medium that dates back to the 1920s sound innovative.

2012 Will Be Breakout Year For Mobile

(By Ivan Braiker) This first week of January is a special time of the year one thats equal part reflection and anticipation. Its a chance to look back at lessons learned and ahead at great expectations. As Radio Ink celebrates 20 years, I wanted to use this first column of 2012 to look backand aheadat mobile marketing.

Tis the Season for Mobile Shopping

(By Ivan Braiker) The media has been touting the year of mobile for quite some time now. In our experience, 2010 was the year from the brands perspective, as many increased their mobile budget significantly and stations experienced higher requests than ever to include a mobile element to their campaigns.

MOBILE - Liked is Good. Mobile Makes It Better.

(by Ivan Braiker) Earlier this month, Lloyd Ford wrote a great piece with tips about Facebook and radio (9 Ways to Make Your Facebook Content Explode). Today, Id like to add a tenth tip: Extend the value of your Facebook presence through mobile marketing.

2012: Mobile, Social, Local and You

(by Ivan Braiker) Despite most retailers efforts to foist Christmas upon us in September, with Thanksgiving (and, for many stations, the ritual playing of Alices Restaurant) a week away, the holiday season is finally, truly upon us. Beyond 17 minutes of Arlo Gurthrie, in the next month, many music stations will unveil their Top XX Jams of 2011 lists (with the XX always magically aligning with their spot on the dial), a chance to look back at the song that provided the soundtrack for the year.

All Radio Is Local

(by Ivan Braiker) There's one obvious loser: the guys in the middle, local radio stations. With free online music services appealing to those of us on a budget and SiriusXM taking the high-end, luxury listeners, there may not be any middle ground left Streaming services and national programs may be the future of radio, but that will be cold comfort indeed. John R. Quain, Local Radio Is Getting Tuned Out Thanks Internet, November 1 ,2011

Radios Star More Bright With Video

(by Ivan Braiker) Thirty years ago this past summer, the MTV-era kicked off, as most everyone knows, with Video Killed The Radio Star. Three decades hence, Music Television plays little music, and even though our industry is rapidly evolving, our star is very much alive. Sorry, Buggles.

Local Offers, Local Databases Add up to Big Success

(by Ivan Braiker) One of radios intrinsic benefits has been its ability to garner a sense of community through its local ties. This makes radio an ideal advertising medium for small local businesses. Mom and Pop shops drive local economies, but often lack the necessary funds to embark on big advertising campaigns. By including a mobile call to action in local radio ads, small shops can build re-marketable databases that add up to huge success.

Going Mobile With Your Listeners

(by Ivan Braiker) More than 40 years ago, Pete Townshend touted the benefits of Going Mobile on The Whos classic Whos Next album a concept remarkably prescient for our industry (although Im touting it for listener engagement and revenue opportunities, while Townshend was, I believe, talking about ways to elude tax collectors).

The Innovative GMWhy "The Tribe" Should Heart Digital

(by Ivan Braiker) Our industry has always been about engaging the listener and building a bonda loyalty that says "Im listening to my station." Radio was the first medium to truly personalize the relationship with its audiencein a way that newspapers or later, television, could never do. What started with live barn dances became bumper stickers and continues today with mobile loyalty clubs and branded iPhones applications.

Measureable Mobile Make Money

(by Ivan Braiker) Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.Attributed to John Wanamaker. A few weeks back, I wrote a piece (Mobile Is More Than Increasing Cume) that outlined some of the more lofty benefits of mobile marketingincreasing cume, generating stronger engagement with listeners, etc. But it also stated the key benefit of mobile marketing for radio: mobile will help stations make money.

Mobile is More Than Increasing Cume

I have fond memories of the first time I learned about mobile marketing, back near the dawn of the current millennium. My immediate reaction was, This is exactly what radio needs. But heres the real story mobile will help stations make money.