November 29, 2015

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04/28/03 Talk Radio: The Voice Of Freedom

Imagine what the world would be without Talk Radio. What would have happened if America had heard only one side of the story? Would 75 percent of Americans support the war, or would Americans have believed the major television networks that took an anti-war position? Had Talk Radio not been telling all sides of the story, Americans might have believed that all America was protesting in the streets, which is the appearance on TV video clips.

Talk Radio today is in its finest state. We have more excellent Talk hosts than ever. Many markets have more than one Talk station; some markets have as many as three. Americans are tuning in to hear the opinions of other Americans as well as the many opinions of different Talk hosts. Talk Radio may truly be the last bastion of freedom.

This war has been a good lesson about the importance of freedom of speech and the ability to say anything that you want to say. It does not matter if your opinion is left or right; what matters is that Americans can choose to listen or turn it off. What matters is that Radio is providing a voice for the American people.

America has become too concerned about political correctness, and it seems as though television is the breeding ground for the drive to offend no one. Yet if offending means telling the truth, then offend we must. For some reason, Radio can get away with things that television will not allow — another reason Radio is so important.

Funding has recently been made available for a liberal Talk Radio network. The intent is to air the other side of the story, because many believe that most Talk Radio is on the conservative side. If so, it may be reflecting the majority of Americans, but the test will come soon with the launch of this other side of the story. Ultimately, the ratings will reveal what Americans want to hear.

My biggest fear is that, in Washington, those promoting a leftist agenda will try to squelch Talk Radio with regulation to “create balance,” to silence those with a strong belief in the right. They will try to promote regulation that will not allow anyone on-air to promote one party or one ideal over another, beginning with attempts to force free airtime for all political candidates and moving to forced equal time on all discussions. This would be the end of Talk Radio, as we know it. Talk Radio will be bombed with regulations to silence the voice of the people.

America’s broadcasters must not allow this to happen, no matter what our political agenda. Radio is the voice of freedom. We must fight with every dime, with every watt of our transmitters, and with pressure on our politicians. We must watch carefully to prevent cowards who introduce these bills from hiding them inside a bill having nothing to do with this issue. They did it with the digital copyright act, so slyly that even the NAB’s staff of lawyers was caught off guard.

I’m proud that Radio represents the true voice of the people. Don’t let anyone destroy our right to say what has to be said. Fight to keep Talk Radio as the voice of freedom.

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