November 27, 2015

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Sparks Out of the Plowed Ground

Sparks Out of the Plowed Ground: The History of America's Small-Town Radio Stations, by Bob Doll, combines broadcast history with the events of the times. It's about the people behind the stations, people who chose to live in small towns because they knew it was a perfect environment to raise a family and prosper. "To run a good, small-town Radio station, it's necessary to have a sense of mission similar to that of a good pastor or school principal." The stories Bob Doll shares in his book will help you understand why small-town Radio is a rich part of American history. It's Americana at its best. (If Norman Rockwell were alive today, he'd want to illustrate this book!)
Sparks Out of the Plowed Ground
Only $9.99 (That's a $10 savings off the cover price!)

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