November 24, 2015

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Blast From the Past:

A Pictorial History of Radio's First 75 Years
By B. Eric Rhoads

All the best, historic Radio photographs have been packed into this thick, hard-bound, 472-page oversized coffee-table book. The only photo book ever compiled to cover the compete history of Radio from invention to today! Not just "the golden days of Radio," but all the events leading to Radio's invention, and every era from the 1920s all the way through the late 1990s. A true labor of love by Radio Ink's own Eric Rhoads, who dug through basements, archives, and personal collections to discover hundreds of rare, never-before-seen historical Radio photos. These captioned photographs tell Radio's real story. Rhoads' research disproves many Radio myths. You'll learn who invented Radio (it wasn't Marconi). You'll learn about the first Radio station (it wasn't KDKA). You'll watch Radio die and be reborn three different times! Hear things about Radio you've never heard before.

You'll love this book! Guaranteed or your money back. Blast From the Past: Pictorial History of Radio's First 75 Years is a true collector's item.

Blast From the Past: A Pictorial History of Radio's First 75 Years
Only $19.99 Save $20 off the cover price!

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