November 27, 2015

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The Radio Book:

The Complete Station Operations Manual

A compilation of the best authors and the best articles on running a Radio station.

The Radio Book: The Complete Station Operations Manual

Volume One: Management & Sales Management

How to turn a station around. New systems for training. How to pass an FCC inspection. Digital technology. Competing effectively in the face of change. Systems for training. Plus much more...

Volume Two: Programming & Promotion

All the most difficult programming & promotion questions are answered in this manual. How to get the most out of your air talent. The elements of successful programming. Ways to make your station sound better. Killer promotion ideas. How to critique your promotions, etc.

Volume Three: Sales & Marketing

Packed with fresh ideas to help you make more money. Mastering new business. How to put cash on the books. Sales warfare. Selling with research . Strategy & tactics. Copy that sells.
Does it makes sense not to have this book?

The Radio Book: The complete Station Operations Manual
All three volumes for only $9.99

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