November 30, 2015

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05/10/99 If Not You And I, Then Who?
The phone is ringing, and it's well past midnight. It's far too late for this to be a social call, so my mind immediately leaps to the worst-case scenario: "Who died?"
Though that call came several nights ago, I still haven't fully recovered. The actual scenario was far worse than I had imagined. The caller didn't tell me that some elderly relative had died in his sleep, old and full of years.
I was awakened to learn that Rick, a friend still in his 30s, had fallen to the ground from a heart attack. Because none of the people with him at the time knew CPR, Rick is gone forever. My heart aches for his wife and kids, but what could I have done? What could any of us have done?
We could have trained a bystander in CPR. We run Radio stations, remember?
The city of Seattle, Wash., taught CPR to a large portion of its citizens. A spokesperson for Seattle's Fire-Rescue department said that the first vital link to heart-attack survival is the bystander who has had CPR training and that, as a result of the community's participation in Red Cross training, the local survival rate of heart-attack victims has risen by two-thirds. If Rick had lived in Seattle, his kids would probably still have a daddy. Will you help me duplicate Seattle's success in your city?
In cooperation with the American Red Cross, Radio Ink is developing a Radio campaign and kit called "Radio Takes American Red Cross CPR." Our goal is to involve Radio stations located on every inch of dirt in North America and to train a major percentage of all citizens in CPR within a year.
You, or a consortium of Radio in your town, can change dramatically the risk factors where you live. Why not start with your own employees? Involve local celebrities and have fun with it. (There must be 100 great jokes about kissing a CPR dummy.)
I challenge you to pick up the phone and call the American Red Cross at 888-542-1400. Do this for your community. Let's show the world what Radio can do.

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