November 29, 2015

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9/13/99 Lying Awake At Night
What keeps you up at night? Is there something you fear? What I fear most is someday becoming "irrelevant," that I might one day fall behind the times. Itıs very important to me to be well-informed, contemporary and very much aware. Have you ever thought you were well-informed, only to learn later that you had been clueless? Thatıs what happened to me recently. I was blissfully operating my businesses, thinking all was well, when in reality I was totally clueless and had become largely irrelevant. But I never suspected a thing. I didnıt know that I didnıt know. Fortunately, a close friend convinced me to attend a very exclusive and expensive conference of media executives. I resisted, but he insisted. It was a week that radically changed my life and opened my eyes. Prior to that conference, I honestly considered myself Internet-informed. What I learned there very nearly scared the life out of me. I want you to have the same experience. When the full weight of what I was seeing finally hit me, all I could think about was my responsibility to you, the Radio Ink reader. I said to my friend: "I have to tell the people of Radio. They must be told so they can begin making the necessary changes in their stations. Weıre running out of time." My friend answered in a way for which I will always be thankful. He said, "Eric, would you have believed me if I had tried to tell you all this, or did you need to come and hear it for yourself?" My staff accuses me of being Internet-obsessed right now. Although I understand why they feel that way, I also know that after Oct. 15, theyıll understand. You see Iım making them come to hear the people who scared the life out of me. Iım making them attend the Radio Ink Internet Conference in Silicon Valley. Lots of people in Radio are trying to ride the Internet gravy train right now. There are Internet sessions at Radio conferences, Internet Radio "road shows" and Radio-based Internet seminars. The people leading these seminars claim to have a finger on the pulse of the Internet. They claim that you can learn all you need to know about the Internet in just a few hours. For your own sake, I hope you donıt fall for it. You need to hear whatıs happening from the actual power brokers of the Internet, not from some Radio old-timers who donıt know that they donıt know. There is room for only 607 people at the Silicon Valley conference. Please donıt send someone in your place. I beg you, as my friend begged me, to come and experience these four days for yourself. This may be the most important investment you will ever make in the future of your career.

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