November 27, 2015

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1/24/00 Radio Executives of the Year
The last two people who shared the honor of Radio Ink Radio Executive of the year were the team of Scott Ginsburg and Jimmy de Castro, who had amazing success with what was then called Evergreen Communications (later to become Chancellor and then AMFM). Once again, two people share the spotlight as a team, but what's unusual is that they are brothers; and last year, their father, Lowry Mays, held this honor.

Each year, we go through a grueling process to determine who deserves this honor. Our process is not about who is the biggest or the best, but about who during the year has made the most dramatic impact on the business as a whole.

Though often in the shadow of their famous father, these bright brothers have picked up the ball and made touchdown after touchdown in areas where "Dad" was perhaps reluctant to go. Under the direction of President/COO Mark Mays and Executive VP/CFO Randall Mays, Clear Channel has become one of the most profitable media companies in the world. The May brothers have taken it into new businesses and investments that will result in the company's growing way beyond its current size.

All too often, people grumble under their breath when they see sons and daughters handed positions of authority in their father's company. They are often referred to as members of the lucky gene pool or the silver spoon club. Not only is it rare to see sons and daughters living up to the skills and talent of the father, but it is also unusual to see them playing at the same level. The Mays brothers are doing both, adding to the success of the company and gaining the respect of their employees in the process. The Mays brothers know, understand and love the Radio business, having been forced by their father to work outside it before being allowed into it, and having worked at local San Antonio stations, sweeping floors and editing tape.

Whether or not you agree with the decisions the Mays team has made regarding the operation of the largest Radio group in the world, you cannot deny the success of the company, its growth, and its profitability. These brothers have made a huge impact on this industry, which is why we present them with this award.

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