November 30, 2015

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2/21/00 A Silicon Valley Second
A Silicon Valley Second

A "Silicon Valley second" is faster than a "New York minute." Things move faster there than any business experience Iíve ever had. Meetings last minutes instead of hours; people get down to business immediately instead of "getting acquainted;" and deals get done in days, not months. Internet people are the busiest, most focused people Iíve ever met -- no golf games and leisure activities. Itís caffeine, PowerPoint bullet points, more caffeine, and 15-hour days. As Mark Cuban of Broadcast.com/
Yahoo! told me, "We work 9 to 5 -- nine a.m. to five a.m."

To experience this revolution firsthand, I moved my office to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. I wanted to be immersed in the Internet culture, cutting deals at lightening speed, befriending Internet icons, and developing my own extensive Internet business. I quickly learned that the best way to explode with the volcano is to be in the core with the molten lava. In the Internet business, thatís Silicon Valley and San Francisco. If not there, itís The Dulles Corridor near Washington, D.C. (thanks to AOL), New York, Austin, and Boston.

Our first Radio Ink Internet Conference was in Silicon Valley because a majority of our speakers lived nearby. Most were too busy to fly to some resort. Weíre holding our next conference in Boston to attract speakers who are busy Internet professionals based in the East.

Radio Ink does conferences differently. Our conference is fast-paced and high-energy, with early mornings and late nights, just like the Internet culture. It has leading Internet pioneers who are in the trenches, changing the world. Youíll meet them in person and experience a learning and growing experience that will make your head spin.

We set a high standard at our first conference; now we have to top ourselves. Weíre starting with world-renowned Internet marketer
Seth Godin from Yahoo! Seth will shake your comfort zone.

Our last conference sold out six weeks in advance. We sold standing room only and had to turn people away. People who flew in, thinking it was like NAB or RAB with unlimited attendance, were sent home. We limited attendance to 600 people. If an event is too big, you donít get to know the speakers and the participants, so we are only allowing 620 people to attend the Boston conference.

If current registrations are any indication, we could be sold out in three weeks, even though the conference is not until May 15. If you heard the buzz about our last conference, or you were one of the hundreds who called only to find us sold out, now is the time to start acting like an Internet executive -- and move fast. Seats will be gone in a Silicon Valley second. We hope youíll join us.

Call Gwen Leve at 800-610-5771, or register online at www.radioink.com.

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