November 29, 2015

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4/17/00 Using The Net For Public Service Programming
A big part of our ability to use the public airwaves is for our stations to "serve" the community, yet the nature of competitive programming has taken most stations away from news and PA programming. The little that is aired gets buried in the wee hours of the weekends, when few people — if anyone — can hear it.
Why not take our community programming to the next level? Why not have "community service" sections on your Websites?
Radio, I believe, should place all of its community-affairs audio on its Websites, making it available "on demand," so that listeners who wish to hear community-based programming can do so at their leisure. All the programs can be archived so listeners can listen to anything ever created.
I would also like to see Radio stations create a community-issues chat room on each site, enabling the community to discuss issues related to the city and how they could be addressed. These chat rooms could provide valuable feedback on what the community actually wants to hear in its local programming. It would be more accurate than the assertions we used to do.
Like community access on cable, Radio could employ Web communication technology that enables listeners to create their own Radio shows for others in the community to hear. The community would be a click away from all forms of community programming. Stations could give a special password access to any community group wishing to do Radio programming.
Last, but perhaps most important, the FCC should demand that Radio create a "public file" online, giving access without a visit to the station. (I think the stations would prefer this.)
The file would reside at the station site and be updated by the station, but it would also reside on an FCC site containing all public files.
The Web is a powerful tool, not only to entertain, but also to serve the community with information and access on listeners’ own time schedule.

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