November 30, 2015

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10/16/00 Are You A Silent Movie Or A High-Tech DVD?
ďDo you think we should put pictures of our DJs on the Website?" The lights were low, and the big silver screen was filled with jittery black and white images. The people on screen were talking, but I could see only lip movements and the subtitles below. Thatís how the Radio industry looked to me as I heard people discussing this subject in various sessions at the recent NAB convention in San Francisco. I felt as though I were an HDTV DVD in a silent-movie world.
After immersing myself in the Internet culture for more than a year, meeting daily with Website executives, product managers, technicians, press people and the like, I feel the same pity an educated man feels when he encounters one who cannot read. Itís hard to imagine how the gap got so wide. Iím disturbed. It doesnít have to be this way.
If youíre tired of my ragging about Radioís role on the Internet, imagine how tired I am of continually prodding the industry. Our little industry has the opportunity to grab the spotlight and make the Internet the advertising success it could be, raising the tide for all of Radio; but so many Radio people I encounter are not up-to-speed even on the very basics.
Radio people have been focused on running stations and merging cultures, and have not been parallel-processing their Internet strategy. Radio, as a whole, has not totally faced the truth that the Web is where their future lies. Have our leaders failed us?
As I speak with those Radio people who have attended the Radio Ink Internet conferences, they, too, feel that they now have an edge and are looking at the rest of the industry as a silent movie from their HDTV DVD world. These people know the lingo, understand the basic concepts and are leaping over their competitors. Is anyone in Radio generating income from the Net? Yes!
We are well on our way to a third sold-out Internet conference in Santa Clara. Guess who attended the first and the second conference. Guess who signed up first. Yup, the people who now have a clear strategy, and understand that six months in Internet time is like the passing of five dog years. These same people will keep coming back as long as we keep giving them new, cutting-edge information and powerful networking opportunities.
Would you rather be the doctor to whom everyone goes because you can do heart surgery without cracking open a chest, or the one who has not studied the latest techniques? Do you want to be the only Radio person in your market who really, truly understands the Internet and how to make money from it? Or would you rather be seen as the guy who will eventually catch up, getting only the crumbs?
My goal at each Radio Ink Internet conference is to provide you with the latest concepts from the people who are active in the Internet business world today. We are not just another Radio conference with the same 200 speakers. In fact, no one who set foot on our stage last year will be seen on stage this year.
I encourage you to sign up for our third Internet conference today, before every seat is taken. You must have an advance registration to get in. The auditorium holds only 607 people. Last year, the fire marshal threatened to shut us down because too many showed up. We had to reject scores of last-minute requests.
The Radio Ink Internet Conference ó fresh, new, always evolving. Which will you be: the silent movie or the HDTV DVD?

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