November 27, 2015

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1/22/01 Radio Wayne’s Manifesto
Radio Ink's Radio Wayne Award was inspired by the convergence of two chance events. The first of these was when Wayne Cornils showed me a manifesto and said, "If Radio would just live by these guidelines, it would not only change the way that we sell, but it would change the way that our whole industry is perceived."
I looked at Wayne's list of guidelines, nodded my head and said, "I'm with you, Wayne." He then said, "Eric, if someone began to recognize people for right behavior, we could change Radio forever. And you may be just the kid to do it."
Not long afterwards, I was sitting at a rubber-chicken Radio banquet, watching some boring old muckety-muck receive a retirement plaque, when a friend leaned into me and whispered, "It’s a shame that we give all the plaques and awards to old farts who are on their way out the door. The people who need recognition are the ones that are still on the streets." These few words, combined with Wayne’s earlier challenge to me, resulted in my creation of the awards. It was only natural to name them after the man whose whole life was devoted to making Radio people better.
Wayne Cornils passed away last year, but his dream for Radio lives on. If you've never seen it, here is Wayne's Manifesto:
1. Sell Radio with dignity and confidence. Dollar for dollar, it really does sell more product.
2. Sell Radio with passion. People can tell when you truly believe.
3. Be the most-well-prepared media sales person that your client has ever met. Don't waste their time. Be ready for anything.
4. Know more about your prospect's product than anyone in the market.
5. Never, ever, degrade Radio by bad-mouthing another station. All Radio stations are good, and each serves an audience. If you talk badly about another station, you’re just making Radio look bad.
6. Always remember that it's better to lose business to another Radio station than it is to lose business to another medium.
7. Never, ever sell a client a schedule that you know won’t work. If you do, they will forever say: "I tried Radio and it didn’t work."
8. If you solve a problem, that prospect will buy from you over and over again. Be a problem-solver. Always devise a solution.
9. You have two ears and one mouth. Stop talking and start listening.
10. Become a true professional. Make Radio stand out as having the most helpful sales people in town. This can only be accomplished through continuous training and by steadily elevating your standards.
Radio professionals who live these values are recognized through the Radio Ink Radio Wayne Awards each year. (Thanks to the RAB for allowing Radio Ink to keep the memory of Radio Wayne alive by making these awards, which we present at their conference each year.) Please make plans to join us this year as another group of Radio's Greatest receive the coveted Radio Wayne.
The values of Wayne Cornils continue to live in the hearts of Radio’s finest professionals. Are you one of them? Don't just nod your head up and down; send copies of this manifesto to everyone you know. Tape these standards onto your bathroom mirror, carry them in your purse or wallet, and e-mail them to every sales rep, prospect and media buyer you've ever met. Let the world know exactly what they can expect from you and from Radio.
— B. Eric Rhoads

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