November 24, 2015

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9/10/01 Team Taz
A wise mentor once told me, “Eric, there will be many seasons in your life. Spring is for planting, summer is for growing, fall is for the harvest, and winter is to nurture the soil. If your life is not experiencing its own seasons, you’ll never really fully grow.”

Sometimes we can work at something for decades, growing in the beginning and becoming stale over time. As another mentor once told me, “Eric, ask your self: Did you get 10 years of experience, or did you experience the same thing ten times?”

As many of you know, I needed a fresh challenge. Radio has been my passion since I entered the business in 1969. Radio Ink has been my way of contributing to Radio for the past 10 or 12 years. In my quest to keep Radio growing, I discovered a promising future for our business, but I realized our industry was not embracing this future. Someone needed to, so I stepped out of my comfort zone 18 months ago to explore a new era of Radio. My effort has given me a new education in a new industry on the other side of America.

Well, I thought I was Superman. I believed I could raise millions to do a start-up in San Francisco, build a new company and a new industry while maintaining responsibilities at Streamline, my company that publishes Radio Ink. Unfortunately, I was not good at running Radio Ink from a distance, so I began a search for my replacement.

I wanted a special person who could live up to a standard of high integrity and who had the willingness to take the high road at those times when the temptation of prostitution crosses the desk of every business owner. Then I had to find a cultural fit, an individual who has a passion for Radio and its people as well as for my own team. Of course, he or she had to possess experience in Radio, publishing, sales, marketing and business operation, and be willing to wear all the hats required of a CEO in a company that publishes magazines and books and produces conferences. It’s a tall order, and the search took me well over a year.

I’m thrilled to introduce Jim Taszarek as president of Streamline and publisher of Radio Ink. With a vast history in the Radio and publishing businesses, Jim has credibility, integrity and passion. I am convinced that he will continue my mission of making Radio great every day, using Radio Ink to drive the success of our industry, to point out the errors of our ways, and to keep us all honest and thinking big. If you don’t know “Taz” yet, you’ll grow to love him.

I’m not leaving Radio, and I’m not certainly not leaving Radio Ink. My commitment and ownership continues, but Radio Ink was ready for a new season. Taz will fill my day-to-day shoes, probably better than I ever did.

Radio Ink will continue to be Radio’s Premiere Management and Marketing Magazine. We will continue to carry the flag for Radio and contribute to your personal growth. We are recommitted to bringing you fresh ideas and tools to make you efficient, effective and rich. Taz has spent a lifetime in Radio. Now, please welcome Taz to the family of Radio Ink.

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