November 25, 2015

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9/24/01 We Are Radio
All of America stayed home, glued to their television sets. The horrific events of September 11 no doubt proved the power of television. Yet when America finally came back to work, boarded commuter trains or got behind the wheel of their cars, Radio was with them more than ever. Television, as powerful as it can be, is a single-focus medium. Itís a rare occasion when the world stops everything to watch, and thatís a great moment for television. But after that rare pause, America gets back to life and to work. To stay connected, Radio is Americaís way to plug into the world.

These tragic events remind us the power of our medium. People in cars are glued to the Radio while they drive. People at work are glued to the Radio while they work. Headsets and handheld Radios hold the attention of the masses, who are relying on us for constant information and news. Unlike our brothers with pictures, Radio is a medium that allows listeners to multi-task. Radio informs, Radio sells; yet it does not require undivided attention. Listeners need not divert their eyes, only their ears. The ears have it.

According to research conducted by neural scientists, audio is one of the keys to unlocking access to the brain to stimulate a response. Words and sounds cause action more readily. Our own columnist Roy Williams spends substantial time in his new book, outlining why audio is a more powerful advertising medium.

Radio, too, has proven once again that it is more than just a medium. It is not JUST something we watch; it is something with which we are involved. Our airwaves have been filled with listenersí airing their feelings, sharing their experiences. Our Radio stations have been creating community events to raise money, to fill the blood banks, to help the families impacted by tragedy. People feel connected, feel comfortable, feel a part of our broadcasts. Radio is community.

Our lives will be impacted by a few seminal moments, which will go down in history. In this case, I am very proud to be a part of the brotherhood of Radio. We are the eyes and ears of our community, often the heart of our city, our neighborhood. We are a relied-upon, integrated part of life. Stand proudly ó we are Radio.

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