November 29, 2015

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6/24/02 Don’t Let The Bastards Win
You must be at the NAB Radio Show in Seattle. Find the money. Make the time. Be there.

When the NAB booked the date, they could not possibly have known that you and I would have to fly on the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks to arrive at the convention on time. If the fear of flying on 9/11 spooks enough people, the NAB will lose enough money to put the future of the Radio Show at risk.

Mohamed Atta’s goal was to terrify us, to cause you and me to change our direction by filling us with fear. He wanted to teach us to flinch. If you find a “budgetary” excuse to skip the Seattle Radio Show, the terrorist and his nut-job accomplices will win.

Radio desperately needs the NAB Radio Show. It provides our industry with a valuable exchange of ideas, training, networking and deal-making. For years, the NAB Radio show has been the main Radio gathering place. We do NOT want to see this valuable event fade away or be combined with another show, such as the spring NAB in Las Vegas. Radio needs its own big convention, and the NAB is doing a fabulous job.

Now is also the time to show that Radio is back, seeking new ways to generate revenue, to find new ways of doing business, to reinvent ourselves. The NAB has assured me that they’re working day and night to ensure that the content and agenda of this conference is tightly focused on these issues. They’re creating powerful sessions that you and your staff need to attend.

If your company won’t send you, pay your own way. If you’re a group head, why not hold company meetings in concert with the Radio Show to guarantee maximum return on investment? I know that these things can be expensive if you have hundreds of people attending, but the incremental sales increases that will come as a direct result of the boost in confidence and morale will make Seattle a very profitable investment for you. And isn’t it about time that you did something like this to send a positive signal to your people?

Better yet, shouldn’t Radio send the world a signal by filling every plane in the sky on September 11?

When you arrive in Seattle, be sure to sign the Radio Ink guest register, because we’ll be publishing the entire list of attendees in a special issue of the magazine following the Radio Show. You don’t want your name to be missing.

Eric Rhoads

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