November 27, 2015

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Take Fun Seriously by Jim Gustafson

The world is a funny place. Sometimes itís knee-slapping funny, and other times itís slap-in-the-face funny ó but always funny. Finding the fun in life is serious business. It requires investment, management, skill, and diligence. The returns, however, are out of this world.

Take Fun Seriously was written by Jim Gustafson, whose radio career spans more than 30 years. In addition to posts as president/general manager of LBJ Broadcasting in Austin, TX, and WCCO Radio, CBS/Minneapolis, he has served as a pastor, counselor, consultant, and hospice director.

Take Fun Seriously is intended to bring a stiff shot of laughter and reflection to each day.

Hereís what others say about Take Fun Seriously:

Life is a seminar. Lifelong learners get more out of life. Jim Gustafson demonstrates how to get more out of your life. His observations about the little (and big) things will help you hone your own powers of taking in and appreciating the events of your own life. A gem!

ó Chris Lytle, Apex Performance Systems and author of The Accidental Salesperson

Wonderful! Insightful, yet easygoing and fun to read. On every page there is something to provoke or tickle us. Every reader will find this book full of whatís been on their mind.

ó Bruce Marr, President, Metro/Wolf Television Productions

The right words from someone else can help put your own thoughts and feelings in focus. Jim has a gift for capturing moments in time that feel either as if they were my own, or I wish they had been! It is a source book for the right words and the right thoughts that make a great day.

ó Gwen Feather, Hospice and Palliative Care Administrator

Jim writes:

For many years I envied people who really knew how to have fun. I had reached a point where I didnít know how to let go, loosen up, and have real fun.

I knew I needed a serious overhaul. I looked around for a manual like Fun for Dummies and couldnít find one. So I started looking for smiles, listening for laughter, and telling myself to Take Fun Seriously!

Order one today!


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