November 26, 2015

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Top Country Programmers 2008 (02/04/08)

1. Bob McKay
WXTU Philadelphia
Beasley Broadcast Group

2. Joel Burke
KYGO Denver
Lincoln Financial Media

3. Bob Richards
WFMS Indianapolis
Cumulus Media

4. Gregg Swedberg
KEEY Minneapolis
Clear Channel Radio

5. Becky Brenner
KMPS Seattle
CBS Radio

6. Mike Culotta
WQYK Tampa
CBS Radio

7. Coyote Calhoun
WAMZ Louisville
Clear Channel Radio

8. Mike Hammond
WIVK Knoxville
Citadel Communications

9. Mike Peterson
WUSN Chicago
CBS Radio

10. Mike Moore
KWJJ Portland, OR
Entercom Communications

11. Mike Brophey
WKLB Boston
Greater Media

12. Keith Kaufman
WSIX-FM Nashville
Clear Channel Radio

13. Beverlee Brannigan
KFDI-FM Wichita
Journal Communications

14. Chris Huff
KSCS, Dallas-Ft. Worth
Citadel Communications

15. DJ Stout
WSOC-FM Charlotte
CBS Radio

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