November 26, 2015

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Radio Ink's Convergence Conference On DVD

Radio Ink's Convergence Conference, held March 10-11, 2008 in San Jose, is now available on DVD!

*Order a DVD set of the entire conference, and let others in your company learn about Convergence.

DVDs will be mailed directly to you as soon as mastering and editing are complete.

$199 Complete Conference

Convergence Sessions
1. Fireside Chat With Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak
2. The Revenue Gap: What You're Losing Today, And How To Save It
3. Social Networking: The New Radio?
4. Legal Eye-Openers: Digital Rights Management
5. A Slap In The Face: Wake Up!
6. Digital Media Trends Radio Needs To Embrace
7. Revitalizing Stodgy Old Media
8. Keynote Address: Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy
9. Online Revenue Strategies: A Website Is Not Enough
10. Radio Groups: Their Collective Online Strategy
11. Publisher's Roundtable: Applying What We've Learned To Radio

Click here for a detailed Convergence '08 agenda.

Complete Conference: $199, plus $4.60 shipping & handling

*Set of DVDs may be shared within a single station cluster only and may not be posted online, on a company intranet, and copied in any way, which is a copyright violation. Licensing available for customers wishing to use video company wide.

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