November 25, 2015

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04/10/06 Broadcast Angels

It was the call I never wanted to receive.

“I've got cancer,” said the voice on the other end of the line. It was Charlie, my best friend, the person who had introduced me to the radio business.

There was a still silence on the phone, as thousands of questions rushed through my mind. What should I say? How should I react? Is he going to live?

Sadly, this industry had been less than kind to Charlie. He was barely getting by, despite working full time at his own audio production business and part time doing sporadic weekend air shifts and other freelance jobs. To make ends meet, he'd cancelled his health insurance just months before his cancer diagnosis, although he'd kept his family's coverage.

A few weeks later, I boarded an airplane to visit my dear friend. By the time I arrived, his health was declining, and I feared this was the last time I'd see him. Although his wife also works, their two young daughters counted on the little income he provided. His illness was already preventing him from working, and the family was living from paycheck to paycheck. With no savings, the mounting cost of Charlie's cancer treatments promised a tough road ahead. Their situation seemed hopeless.

I told Charlie about the Broadcasters' Foundation, a charitable group that helps broadcasters in need. Though he was reluctant to burden others with his plight, he contacted the foundation, completed the application process, and hoped for assistance of some kind. His last words to me before I left were, “Make sure my family is taken care of.”

Charlie received word that the Broadcaster's Foundation would provide enough support to sustain his wife and daughters. Despite his struggle, Charlie had peace of mind knowing that his family would be financially secure.

He died just two days later.

I applaud the efforts of the Broadcasters' Foundation. I personally know of three families that have been helped through a crisis by these wonderful people. Some day, it could be you, or me, in need of their help.

I encourage every broadcaster to give financial support to this organization. If you can give big, please do. If not, give what you can. Please, write a check right now. I also recommend endowments, or even a bestowment in your will.

This well-managed, disciplined charity is only for broadcasters. I know most of their board members, and they are worthy of your trust. Your money will go to excellent use. Thank you.

Send your donation to:
Broadcasters Foundation
7 Lincoln Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

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