November 25, 2015

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03/27/06 Super-Achievers

In this issue of Radio Ink, we have identified the best practices of super-achievers in our industry. Our goal is to highlight behaviors of individuals who net top results. We believe that superstars are made, not born, and that if you (or your staff) mimic these behaviors, you, too, can become superstars.

Throughout my career, I've encountered people who have accomplished exceptional results. Though you might assume that these people were advantaged in some way -privileged upbringing, exceptional education, wealthy parents, or fantastic luck - it appears that these factors rarely contribute. In fact, the most successful people I have met had difficult upbringings, poor parents, little or no education, and no advantages.

Looking back, however, they have some traits in common:

Relentless Focus: Super-achievers know exactly what they need to accomplish, and all of their effort is directed toward that goal. Most never focus on more than three primary initiatives at one time.

Control Over Time: No wasted time - they work fast, and make the most of every hour. They work as though it is their last day.

Limitless Thinking: They believe anything is possible, and tell themselves they can find a way to do it if it can be done.

Long-Term Plans: They know what they want to do this year, next year, and several years in the future.

Goal Orientation: They have specific, measurable goals pertaining to each area of their life: work, family, spiritual, material, physical.

Spiritual Orientation: They call on a higher power for strength and direction. Most invest time in prayer.

Competition: They love the game, and they intend to win.

Leisure: They understand that leisure time, vacation, and family time are important for balance and clear thinking.

Thinking Time: They take time to think, and allow their mind to wonder.

Risk-Taking: Without risk, growth does not occur. Top performers are willing to step out of their comfort zone.

Entitlement: They give themselves permission to succeed, and believe they are entitled to the things they strive to accomplish. They believe people want them to succeed.

High Expectations: Goals are set very high. Monumental tasks are the most rewarding to accomplish.

Leverage: They know leverage will boost them faster; therefore, they let others know their needs and goals because they know others like to help people. They network because they know other people can open doors and make things happen.

Continuing Education: Super-achievers are always learning, attending classes or seminars in areas outside of their areas of expertise. They are veracious readers.

Most of the common traits of successful people involve knowing where they want to go and believing they can get there. These traits will go a long way in building your career and building our industry.

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