May 22, 2015

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10 Best Country PDs In Radio - 2005 (2/21/05)

1. Becky Brenner, Program Director, KMPS-FM Seattle (Infinity)

2. Mike Hammond, Program Director, WIVK-Knoxville; Dir./Operations, Citadel-Knoxville

3. R.J. Curtis, Operations Manager/PD, KZLA Los Angeles (Emmis)

4. Gregg Swedberg, Program Director, KEEY Minneapolis; Regional VP, Clear Channel

5. Kerry Wolfe, Program Director, WMIL-FM Milwaukee; Dir. Of Programming, Clear Channel Milwaukee

6. Coyote Calhoun, Program Director, WMAZ Louisville (Clear Channel)

7. Paul Williams, Program Director, KPLX “The Wolf” Dallas (Susquehanna)

8. Joel Burke, Program Director, KYGO Denver

9. Mike Culotta, Operations Manager, WQYK-FM, WYUU-FM, WBZZ-AM Tampa (Infinity)

10. Jay McCarthy (tie), Program Director, KMLE-FM Phoenix (Infinity)

10. Bob Richards (tie), Program Director, WFMS-Indianapolis (Susquehanna)

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