November 24, 2015

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40 Most Powerful Profiles - 2004 (7/5/04)

1. L. Lowry Mays, Chairman, Clear Channel Communications
2. Mark Mays, President and COO/Interim CEO, Clear Channel Communications
3. John Sykes, Chairman/CEO, Infinity Broadcasting
4. John Hogan, President and Chief Executive Officer,Clear Channel Radio
5. Joel Hollander, President/COO, Infinity Broadcasting
6. Michael Powell, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission
7. Lew Dickey, Chairman/CEO, Cumulus Media
8. Randall Mays, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Clear Channel Communications
9. David Field, President/CEO, Entercom Communications
10. Jeff Smulyan, Chairman/CEO, Emmis Communications
11. Farid Suleman, Chairman/CEO, Citadel Broadcasting
12. Bob Neil, President/CEO, Cox Radio
13. John Hare, President, ABC Radio
14. Alfred Liggins, III, CEO/President, Radio One
15. David Kennedy, President/COO, Susquehanna Radio
16. Edward Fritts, President/CEO, National Association of Broadcasters
17. Bruce Reese, President/CEO, Bonneville International/NAB Radio Board Chairman
18. McHenry Tichenor, Jr., President, Univision Radio
19. Stu Olds, CEO, Katz Media Group
20. Peter H. Smyth, President and Chief Executive Officer, Greater Media, Inc.
21. Judy Ellis, Chief Operating Officer, Citadel Broadcasting
22. Catherine Hughes, Founder/Chairperson, Radio One
23. Ed Atsinger, President/CEO, Salem Communications
24. Jon Pinch, Executive Vice President/COO, Cumulus Media
25. Ralph Guild, Chairman/CEO, Interep
26. Gary Fries, President/CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau
27. Kraig Kitchin, President/COO, Premiere Radio Networks
28. Traug Keller, President, ABC Radio Networks
29. Shane Coppola, President/CEO, Westwood One
30. John David, Executive VP/Radio, National Association of Broadcasters
31. Marc Morgan, Executive Vice President/COO, Cox Radio, Inc.
32. Steve Morris, President and Chief Executive Officer, Arbitron Inc.
33. Ed Christian, CEO, Saga Communications
34. George Beasley, Chairman/CEO, Beasley Broadcast Group
35. Rick Cummings, President, Emmis Radio
36. Clarke Brown, President/Radio Division, Jefferson Pilot Communications
37. Terry Jacobs, Chairman/CEO, Regent Communications
38. Raul Alarcon, President/CEO/Chairman, Spanish Broadcasting System
39. Skip Weller, President, NextMedia Group
40. George Pine, President/COO, Interep

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