March 4, 2015

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Best Managers In Radio (11/24/03)
Radio Ink's definitive list of the men and women whose leadership, professionalism and dedication to Radio have earned the recognition of their peers this year, expanded to include 10 most-admired corporate managers, who are not ranked but are listed alphabetically.

(ranked order categories by market rankings)

Major Market (1-10)
1. Matt Mills, Greater Media Boston
2. Mickey Luckoff, ABC-San Francisco
3. Chuck Tweedle, Bonneville-San Francisco
4. Don Bouloukos, Infinity-Philadelphia
5. Blaise Howard, WBEB-Philadelphia
6. Marv Dyson, WGCI-et al, Chicago
7. Jake Karger, CC-Boston
8. Zemira Jones, ABC-Chicago
9. Dan Halyburton, Susquehanna-Dallas
10. Tim McCarthy, WABC-New York
11. Nancy Vaeth-DuBroff, Susquehanna-Houston
12. Tom Bender, Greater Media-Detroit
13. Julie Kahn, Entercom-Boston
14. Bennett Zier, CC-Washington
15. Laura Morris, Infinity-Houston

Large Market (11-30)
1. Lisa Decker, KMPS-Seattle
2. Mick Anselmo, CC-Minneapolis
3. Lee Larsen, CC-Denver
4. Amy Waggoner, ABC-Minneapolis
5. Wayne Brown, Radio One-Atlanta
6. Chris Wegmann, Cox-Atlanta
7. John Geary, Entercom-Sacramento
8. Marv Nyren, Emmis-Phoenix
9. Marc Kalman, Hubbard-Minneapolis
10. Mark Renier, Susquehanna-Atlanta
11. Ronna Woulfe, Clear Channel South Florida
12. Jeff Parke, KCAL/Anaheim Broadcasting-Redland/Riverside, CA
13. Mike Glickenhaus, CC- San Diego
14. Bob Call, Jefferson Pilot-Denver
15. Jim Dolan, CC-Baltimore

Medium Market (31-100)
1. Tom Severino, Emmis-Indianapolis
2. John Hiatt, Infinity-Austin
3. Linda Byrd, Clear Channel-Florida
4. Charlie Morgan, WFMS-Indianapolis
5. Cindy Schloss, Clear Channel-Albuquerque
6. Eric Mastel, Entercom-Norfolk
7. Tony Yoken, Memphis Radio Group
8. Bob Gourley, Clear Channel-Colorado Springs
9. Bill Schoening, Infinity-Charlotte
10. Dan Wilson, Univision-San Antonio

Small Market (101+)
1. George Francis, Albany, GA Cumulus
2. Cary Pahigian, Portland Radio Group, Portland, ME
3. John Columbus, Cumulus-Tallahassee, FL
4. Chuck Thompson, Columbus, GA (Archway)
5. Mike Grimsley, Regent-Lafayette, LA
6. Ray Garon, Manchester,NH Radio Group (Saga)
7. Ray Hexamer, NextMedia-Canton, OH
8. Gary Morse, Pamal-Paducah,KY
9. Mike Oppenheimer, CC-Waco,TX
10. Wayne Ripp, New Radio Group-Wassau, WI

Corporate Managers (in alphabetical order)
Dusty Black, Clear Channel-Austin
Mitch Dolan, ABC Radio Station Group
John Gehron, Clear Channel-Chicago
Kim Guthrie, Cox Radio, Long Island, NY and others
Deborah Kane, Entercom, Seattle/Portland/Denver/New Orleans
Weezie Kramer, Entercom, 7 markets including Boston
Wayne Leland, Citadel (NE Region)
Val Maki, Emmis-Los Angeles
Brian Ongaro, Infinty/Western Region
Tony Richards, Federated Media, Elkhart/Ft. Wayne, IN

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