November 26, 2015

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Best Programmers In Radio 2003 (10/13/03)
With this issue, Radio Ink once again identifies the most innovative and creative programmers in the Radio industry. These are the men and women whose hard work, commitment and dedication to all aspects of Radio programming have earned the recognition and respect of their peers.

This annual list, expanded this year to 50 “local” programmers plus 10 corporate programmers, is compiled following extensive — and exhaustive — research. Throughout this process, we look at a number of criteria, including 12-plus average quarter hours and cume numbers, as well as market rankings in specific demo groups. We also asked a panel of several hundred Radio group executives, market managers, consultants and other programmers to identify established and “up-and-coming” PDs in order to make sure no one eludes our radar. We break our list of local “finalists” into four categories by market size — major market (1-10), large market (11-30), medium market (31-100), and small market (101+) — and rank them according to cumulative ratings, consistent performance, and the judgment of our programming panel. The corporate programmers are not ranked and are in alphabetical order.

Here they are…the Class of 2003 “Best Programmers in America.” Congratulations to one and all! — Reed Bunzel, Editor-in-Chief

Major Market (1-10)
1. Jack Swanson, KGO/KSFO San Francisco, ABC
2. Phil Boyce, WABC New York, ABC
3. Kevin Weatherly, KROQ/Arrow Los Angeles, Infinity
4. Tracy Cloherty, Hot 97 WQHT New York, Emmis
5. Mark Mason, WINS New York, Infinity
6. Tom Poleman, WHTZ New York, Clear Channel
7. Greg Strassell, WBMX, WODS Boston, Infinity
8. Jim Ryan, WLTW New York, Clear Channel
9. Elroy Smith, WGCI/WVAZ Chicago, Clear Channel
10. Scott Shannon, WPLJ New York, ABC
11. Cadillac Jack McCartney, WXKS/WJMN Boston, Clear Channel
12. Don Kelley, WMJX Boston, Greater Media
13. Joe McCoy, WCBS-FM New York, Infinity
14. Jay Stevens, WPGC Washington, Infinity
15. Jhani Kaye, KOST/KBIG Los Angeles, Clear Channel

Large Market (11-30)
1. Becky Brenner, KMPS-FM/KYCW-AM Seattle, Infinity
2. Scott Lindy, WPOC/WCAO/WOCT Baltimore, Clear Channel
3. Darryl Parks, WLW Cincinnati, Clear Channel
4. Leslie Fram, WNNX/WWWQ Atlanta, Susquehanna
5. Diana Laird, KHTS San Diego, Clear Channel
6. Tony Brown, WVEE-FM Atlanta, Infinity
7. Gregg Swedberg, KEEY Minneapolis, Clear Channel
8. Tim Closson, WUBE Cincinnati, Infinity
9. Smokey Rivers, KEZK/KYKY St. Louis, Infinity
10. Kid Curry, WPOW Power 96 Miami, Beasley
11. “Orlando,” WLLD Tampa, Infinity
12. Jessie Duran, KGGI Riverside, Clear Channel
13. Tisa Vrable, KTAR/ESPN Radio 860 Phoenix, Emmis
14. Tim Watts, WWIN-FM Baltimore, Radio One
15. Tracy Johnson, KFMB-FM San Diego, Midwest TV

Medium Market (31-100)
1. Jon Quick, WIBC/Network Indiana, Indianapolis, Emmis
2. Jimmy Steele, WNCI Columbus, OH; Clear Channel
3. Dave Kelly, WKDF/Citadel-Nashville, Citadel
4. Kevin Vargas, KISS San Antonio, Cox
5. J.D. Gonzalez, KBBT San Antonio, Hispanic Broadcasting
6. Mike Hammond, WIVK/Citadel-Knoxville, Citadel
7. Kerry Wolfe, WMIL/Clear Channel-Milwaukee, Clear Channel
8. Terri Avery, WPEG Charlotte, Infinity
9. Barbara Bridges, WJXA Nashville, South Central Communications
10. Bruce Logan, Clear Channel-Charlotte [WRFX+], Charlotte, NC

Small Market (101+)
1. Clay Hunnicutt, WUSY-FM Chattanooga, Clear Channel
2. Bill Hagy, WXBQ-FM [Tri-Cities, TN/VA], Bristol Broadcasting
3. Scott Wheeler, WPBG-FM Peoria, IL; Triad Broadcasting
4. Chris Britt KMGJ/KJYE Grand Junction, CO; MBC Grand Broadcasting
5. Barry Kent, WTHI/WWVR Terre Haute, IN; Emmis
6. Jim Davis, KKNU Eugene-Springfield, OR; McKenzie River Broadcasting
7. Brent Farris, KZST Santa Rosa, CA; Redwood Broadcasting
8. Jeff Whitehead, WQBE-FM Charleston, WV; Bristol Broadcasting
9. Scott Michaels, KALF Chico, CA; Regent Communications
10. Jim O’Hara, WLLR/KMXG Quad Cities, IA-IL; Clear Channel

Corporate Programmers [not ranked]
Don Benson
Senior VP/Operations & Programming, Radio Div.
Jefferson Pilot Communications

Marc Chase
Regional Senior VP/Programming
Southeast & Mid-South, Clear Channel

John Dickey
Cumulus Media

Steve Goldstein
Executive VP/Group PD
Saga Communications

Gabe Hobbs
VP/Programming, News/Talk/Sports
Clear Channel Radio

Tom Langmyer
VP/GM, KMOX Radio, St. Louis
VP/Talk Programming, Infinity Broadcasting

Eric Logan
Citadel Communications

Tom Owens
Senior VP/Programming
Clear Channel Communications

Pat Paxton Sr.
Senior VP/Programming

Jimmy Steal
National VP/Programming
Emmis Radio

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