October 31, 2014

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50 Most Influential Women In Radio (2003)
Most Influential Women In Radio For 2003
[#1-25 in ranked order]

#1 Judy Ellis, COO, Citadel Broadcasting Corp.

#2 Catherine Liggins Hughes, Founder/Chairperson, Radio One Inc.

#3 Lisa Dollinger, Sr. VP/Corp. Communications Worldwide, Clear Channel Communications

#4 Mary Quass, CEO, NewRadio Group LLC

#5 Val Maki, Radio Div. VP, Emmis Communications Corp.

#6 Joan Gerberding, President, Nassau Media Partners

#7 Erica Farber, Publisher/CEO, Radio & Records Inc.

#8 Frances Preston, President/CEO, BMI

#9 Mary Catherine Sneed, COO, Radio One Inc.

#10 Trang Nguyen, COO, Talk America Radio Networks

#11 Chesley Maddox-Dorsey, President/COO, Access.1 Communications Corp.

#12 Virginia "Ginny" Morris, President, Hubbard Radio

#13 Deborah Kane, Sr. VP/Sales & Regional VP, Entercom-Seattle

#14 Mary Bennett, Executive VP/Natl. Marketing, Radio Advertising Bureau

#15 Weezie Kramer, Regional VP, Entercom- Chicago

#16 Debbie Durben, President, Interep Marketing Group

#17 Bonnie Press, President, Katz Dimensions

#18 Lisa Sirotka, President/Managing Partner, Allied Radio Partners
212-309-9099, lisa_sirotka@interep.com

#19 Mary Beth Garber, President, Southern California Broadcasters Association

#20 Caroline Beasley, VP/CFO, Beasley Broadcast Group Inc.

#21 Laura Hagan, President, HBCSi National Sales

#22 Kim Guthrie, VP/GM, Cox Radio/Nassau-Suffolk

#23 Lisa Decker, Sr. VP/Market Mgr., Infinity Seattle

#24 Jake Karger, Sr. VP, Clear Channel-Boston

#25 Amy Waggoner, President/GM, ABC Minneapolis

[#26-50, alphabetical order]

Jaye Albright, Partner, Albright & O’Malley Country Consulting

Lynn Anderson, Sr. VP/Training, Radio Advertising Bureau

Julie Lomax Brauff, President/CEO, BREAKTHROUGH marketing

Linda Byrd, RVP/Central & North Florida, Clear Channel

Beth Davis, Sr. VP/Market Mgr., Infinity-St. Louis

Caroline Devine, RVP/Market Mgr./Houston-Honolulu, Cox Radio

Alene Grevey, Senior VP, Mid-South Region, Clear Channel Radio

Michele Grosenick, Sr. VP/GM/Market Mgr., Clear Channel Radio-Seattle

Julie Kahn, VP/GM, Entercom-Boston

Keri Korzeniewski, President/GM, ABC Radio-Dallas/Ft. Worth

Carol Logan, President, Forever Broadcasting

Laura Morris. Sr. VP/GM/Market Mgr., Infinity-Houston

Rhonda Munk-Scheidel, Executive VP/Director of Sales, Premiere Radio Networks

Susan Patrick, Executive VP, Patrick Communications

Susan Platt, VP/Operations, NAB Radio

Ruth Presslaff, President, Presslaff Interactive Revenue

Claudia Puig, Sr. VP/GM, Hispanic Broadcasting-Miami

Jennifer Purtan, Sr. VP/Sales, ABC Radio Networks

Cindy Weiner Schloss, Regional VP/New Mexico, Clear Channel Radio

Ali Shepherd, VP/GM, Hispanic Broadcasting-San Francisco

Pam Somers, Sr. VP/Corp. Sales & RVP, Radio One

Joyce Tudryn, President, International Radio & Television Society Foundation Inc.

Nancy Vaeth-DuBroff, Sr. VP/Regional Manager, Susquehanna Radio Corp.

Mary Ware, VP/Director, Katz Urban Dimensions

Ronna Woulfe, VP/GM, Clear Channel/South Florida

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