December 1, 2015

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Radio Ink Cover Interviews

The Crowley Effect (10/20/08)
Air America Elects Zier: New Commander-In-Chief Brings The Buzz To A Network With Big American Dreams (10/06/08)
Mel Karmazin: The “Zen Master” Speaks Out (09/15/08)
The Quiet Commissioner (09/01/08)
The Whole Package: Consumer Advocate Clark Howard Offers Advice And Concern When His Listeners Need It Most (08/18/08)
Leaping The Digital Divide (08/04/08)
Increased Mobility (07/21/08)
Doing It All: Russ Withers Combines Industry Involvement With Local Commitment (06/18/08)
On The Go: McGavren Guild Radio’s Lisa Sirotka-Sonnenklar Believes Success Requires Constant Motion (06/02/08)
Special Report: Up Against A Wall (05/19/08)
Reflecting Pool: Spanish Broadcasting System’s Raul Alarcon Jr. Examines His Company’s First 25 Years, And The Opportunities That Lie Ahead For All Of Hispanic Radio (05/19/08)
Loud And Proud (05/05/08)
Saddle Up: Recognized Innovator Tom Silliman Ropes In Radio’s Engineering Evolution (04/21/08)
Come Gather ’Round: Straight Talk For Confronting Challenging Times From Veteran Wall Streeter Victor Miller (04/07/08)
Like Father, Like Son: Russell And Kevin Perry Bring Financial Savvy To The Family Business (03/24/08)
Talking Tech (03/10/08)
Country Fried Cheesesteak: Bob McKay’s Recipe For Country Radio In The City Of Brotherly Love (02/25/08)
Second Time Around (02/04/08)
Shaking Off Inertia … Stirring Up Innovation: Jerry Lee, Radio Ink’s Radio Executive Of The Year (01/07/08)
Can You Hear Them? FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein Wants To Hear More Voices On The Radio (12/03/07)
For Bonneville’s Drew Horowitz, Radio’s Strength is Untouchable (11/19/07)
Radio Sales: It’s Knot A Mystery (Anymore) (11/05/07)
Field General: Talk Host Rusty Humphries Confronts Terrorism’s Front Lines (10/22/07)
Making a Run For It: Progressive Talker Stephanie Miller Takes Aim At Conservative Rivals, Misconceptions About Liberal Radio, And The White House (10/08/07)
What A View! Univision Radio President Gary Stone Sees Blue Skies For Hispanic Radio (09/17/07)
The Clear Choice: Beasley Broadcast Group Believes Adoption Of HD Is Key To Radio’s Future (09/03/07)
Charlie’s Angles: Charlie Rahilly’s Plan To Connect With Radio Listeners, Web Surfers, And Advertisers (08/20/07)
Know Your Audience: Researcher Larry Rosin Understands How Radio Can Remain Vital To Today’s Media Consumers (08/06/07)
A Foundation To Build On: Carl Butrum Is Finding, Nurturing Tomorrow's Industry Leaders (07/23/07)
Doing It All: Russ Withers Combines Industry Involvement With Local Commitment (6/18/07)
Good Neighbors: Mary Beth Garber Explains The Virtual Neighborhood That Unites Radio And Its Listeners (06/04/07)
Henry Cisneros: Hispanic Listeners Are The Foundation For Radio’s Future (05/21/07)
For Talk Radio, It’s Miller Time: Dennis Miller Brings His Unique Style To Talk Radio (05/07/07)
The Sky’s The Limit: Tom Ray Looks Eagerly Towards Radio’s Digital Future (04/23/07)
Representative Of Radio: New Interep CEO David Kennedy Makes His Case (04/09/07)
A Road Paved With Revenue: GM’s Betsy Lazar Says Radio Can Get There From Here (03/19/07)
Steve Harvey: From King Of Comedy To Master Of Morning Radio (03/05/07)
Country State of Mind: Ed Salamon’s Plan For Maintaining Country Radio's Strength (02/19/07)
Haley To The Chief: Outreach, Optimism Define Jeff Haley’s RAB Leadership Plan (02/05/07)
BIA's Mark Fratrik On What’s In The Cards For Radio’s Deal Market (01/22/07)
Peter Smyth: Radio Executive Of The Year (01/08/07)
The View From The Street (12/04/06)
Clear Channel’s Greg Ashlock: Fearless In The Face Of Change (11/20/06)
Paul Harvey: A Legend Looks Back (11/02/06)
Bill Weston’s Resurrection Of Legendary Rocker WMMR (10/16/06)
Dave Ramsey: Money In The Bank (10/02/06)
Sean Hannity: “You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet” (09/18/06)
Dialed In And Excelling (09/04/06) — with Spencer Brown, David Landau, Ken Williams
Rush Limbaugh: Radio Stuck With Me, And I'm Sticking With Radio (08/21/06)
Fred Thompson: Hollywood Star, Washington Insider, Radio's Next Generation (08/07/06)
United They Stand (06/19/06)
Mary Quass: Climbing The Glass Staircase Through The Glass Ceiling (06/05/06)
After Layovers On Wall Street And In Hollywood, Jerry Doyle Lands In Talk Radio (05.22.06)
Peter Ferrara: Launching Radio Into Digital Space (05/08/06)
A Rehr Opportunity: New NAB Head David Rehr: Broadcasters' Best Days Still Lie Ahead (04/24/06)
Gordon Hastings And The Broadcasters' Foundation: Help For The Hard Times (04/10/06)
Jeff Warshaw Is A Connoisseur Of Fine Radio (03/27/06)
Zemira Jones Has A Dog In The Fight (03/13/06)
What The Google / dMarc 'Marriage' Means For Radio (02/27/06)
Kix Brooks: Radio Is A Keystone To Our Business (02/13/06)
RAB's Gary Fries: If We Don't Remain Relevant, We're In Great Danger (01/30/06)
Entercom's David Field: Radio Executive Of The Year (01/09/06)
Steve Forbes: Leading The Flat Tax Revolution (12/05/05)
To Dick Lewis And The United Radio Broadcasters Of New Orleans: “You Were Awesome!” (11/21/05)
ABC Radio Networks' James Robinson: “Our Focus Is On Content” (11/07/05)
At WEEI, Jason Wolfe Is King Of The Red Sox Nation (10/17/05)
Lou Dobbs: The Truth Is Not Always Fair Or Balanced (10/03/05)
Eddie Fritts: The Exit Interview (09/19/05)
BMI President/CEO Del Bryant: “It All Begins With A Song” (09/05/05)
Far From TV, John Tesh Has Found A Purpose-Driven Life (08/15/05)
Arbitron PPM President Pierre Bouvard: “It's Radio's Turn To Eat At The Adult's Table” (08/01/09)
To Joel Hollander, Radio's Future Is Infinite (07/18/05)
A Lifetime Of Leadership: Clear Channel Chairman L. Lowry Mays (07/04/05)
Uber-Marketer Jack Trout: Strategy Is The Key To Survival (06/20/05)
Susquehanna Radio President Nancy Vaeth-Dubroff: “Success Is Not A Gender Thing” (06/06/05)
Harnessing The Power Of The Urban Radio Audience (05/23/05)
Talk Radio Bridges The Political Divide (05/09/05)
Milford “Smitty” Smith Is Greater Media's Dean Of Digital (04/25/05)
iBiquity's Robert Struble: If You Aren't Thinking Digital, You're Smokin' Dope (04/11/05)
Ron Davenport Jr. and Susan Austin: At Sheridan Broadcasting, It's A Family Affair (03/07/05)
When It Comes To Country, Nobody Does It Better Than WIVK-Knoxville’s Mike Hammond (02/21/05)
The Future Of Marketing Is Here: Can Radio Remain Relevant? (02/07/05)
Jerry Lee Enjoys Philadelphia Freedom (1/17/05)
Executive Of The Year: Clear Channel’s John Hogan (01/03/05)
Cox Radio’s Kim Guthrie: “I’m All About The People” (11/01/04)
Tom Owens Is Clear Channel’s Master & Commander Of Programming (10/18/04)
Citadel's Farid Suleman: We Need Leaders, Not Pretenders (10/04/04)
Susquehanna’s David Kennedy: “Radio Is A Business Of Ideas” (09/20/04)
David Field: “We Can Move The Needle” (9/06/04)
Donald Trump: Trump This! (08/23/04)
Bonneville’s Bruce Reese Is Radio’s Local Hero (07/26/04)
BMI’s Frances Preston: A Woman Of Substance (06/07/04
Rick Cummings: “The Emmis-izer” (05/24/04)
Walter Sabo On Dark Holes & ‘Vision’ (05/10/04)
Jeff Littlejohn: Clear Channel’s Widget Guy (04/26/04)
Al Franken: “I’m A Liberal, Dammit!” (04/12/04)
Bill “Be Fabulous” Burton Says: “An Automobile Is A Radio With Four Wheels” (03/22/04)
“Consolidation Has Been Devastating” — NABOB’s Jim Winston (03/08/04)
Infinity’s Becky Brenner: Heeeere’s Becky! (02/23/04)
RAB President/CEO Gary Fries: Why Is This Man Smiling? (02/02/04)
Executive of the Year: Cox Radio’s Bob Neil Takes The Long View (01/05/04)
Matt Mills: Family Man (11/24/03)
Laura Ingraham Tells The Elite: "Shut Up And Listen" (11/10/03)
WABC’s Phil Boyce: This Is As Good As It Gets (10/13/03)
Clear Channel’s John Hogan: On The Hot Seat (09/29/03)
Eddie Fritts: In The Line Of Fire (09/08/03)
Divine Secrets Of The Satellite Sisterhood (08/18/03)
David Benjamin of Triad Broadcasting (08/04/03)
Jokes “R” Us: Michael O’Shea of All Comedy Radio (07/21/03)
Judy Ellis: Citadel’s Top Operator (6/16/03)
Mary Quass: High NRG [5/26/03]
Frank Boyle: Perfectly Frank [5/12/03]
Jason Jennings: Mind Your Own Business [4/14/03]
Dan Mason: Beyond Infinity [3/31/03]
Steve Hegwood: On Top Of The World [3/10/03]
Lia: "I Love Country Music" [2/17/03]
Kim Vasey Has "The Best Job In The World" [1/20/03]
Executive Of The Year: Cumulus Media's Lew Dickey [1/6/03]
Mickey Luckoff: Radio's Top Dog [11/18/02]
Sean Hannity Wants To “Hannitize” America [11/4/02]
Jimmy Steal: Steal This Book [10/21/02]
Peter Smyth: The 20/20 CEO [10/7/02]
Robert Struble: At Long Last...Digital [09/23/02]
Randy Michaels: The Noise You Can't Ignore [09/9/02]

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