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About Two-Thirds Of Americans Now Online

February 12, 2009: eMarketer reports that almost 65 percent of Americans are now Internet users -- seems surprisingly low, doesn't it? -- and that should be up to 70 percent by 2013.

Judge Orders Website To Hand Over User Info

February 12, 2009: A Texas judge has ordered the Topix website to hand over identifying information on 178 users who allegedly defamed two Clarksville, TX, residents -- one of whom is an attorney -- in online comments.

WAY-FM Media Group Gets Radiolicious

February 10, 2009: WAY-FM Media Group has signed on with Radiolicious, a free downloadable player for iPhone or iPod Touch users.

Online Listening Shows Big Gains

February 10, 2009: According to a report posted at, online radio listenership has grown over the past year by 37 percent.

Weller Joins Liquid Compass Full-Time

February 9, 2009: Skip Weller is going full-time at Liquid Compass as Chief Revenue Officer as the streaming provider adds new clients including Wilks and Sandusky.

Google To End Radio Ad Sales

February 12, 2009: Google is calling a halt to its Google Audio Ads project, and will stop selling ads for broadcast radio at the end of May.

Yangaroo Sets A Record

January 28, 2009: Yangaroo reports that it set a record in 2008: It made more than 2 million deliveries to U.S. radio stations through its DMDS system.

Study: Blogs Lead To Leads

January 30, 2009: A study by HubSpot found that corporate blogs generate more leads than other social media choices, including StumbleUpon, YouTube, and Facebook.

YouTube Clips On White House Website Draw EFF Complaints

January 30, 2009: The newly revamped White House website has lots of embedded clips from YouTube, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation is saying YouTube's cookie practices violate long-standing government privacy regulations.

E-Mail Marketing Holding Steady In Down Economy

January 30, 2009: In its regular quarterly analysis of e-mail trends, marketing services outfit Epsilon found that open rates have stayed consistent over the past year, and click rates were up significantly in the third quarter.

Just Cool: Tune In Tune Out Headphones

January 29, 2009: GoStereo has a pair of reasonably priced headphones that also let you share, with external speakers built in.

Billions For Broadband In Bailout Bill

January 28, 2009: Broadband tax incentives are part of the economic stimulus bill, thanks to Sen. Jay Rockeller (D-WV), who got the provisions added to the multibillion-dollar legislation.

How Did You Celebrate Data Privacy Day?

January 28, 2009: The Senate and House this eek approved a bill designating Wednesday "National Data Privacy Day" to help raise consumer awareness of privacy and data security issues.

CBS Corp. Debuts

January 29, 2009: CBS Corp. -- parent of and CNET Networks, among other web properties -- has launched a preview version of a new personal finance site,

Belkin Employee Apparently Scams Ratings

January 21, 2009: Credibility is key for sites that offer customer reviews of the products they sell, but computer accessory maker Belkin has admitted that one of its employees "may have" paid people to write positive reviews of its products.

Jacobs Reports 125k Listeners For Its iPhone App

January 21, 2009: Jacobs Media says its customizable iPhone application has attracted 125,000 listeners since it launched two months ago.

Greater Media Signs Up With Emmis Interactive

January 13, 2009: Emmis Interactive will be providing its interactive platform and sales consulting to 21 Greater Media stations under a new partnership deal.

Apple's Jobs Takes Leave For Health Reasons

January 14, 2009: Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence until the end of June for health reasons. Trading in AAPL was temporarily halted on the news.

Survey: More People Get News From The 'Net Than Newspapers

January 13, 2009: The Pew Research Center confirms what many have suspected: More Americans now get their news from online sources than from newspapers.

FlyCast Offers Targeted Ads, Partners With DoubleClick

January 8, 2009: FlyCast says it's now offering tightly targeted ads through its mobile broadcast network -- and it's partnered with DoubleClick as its ad-serving provider.

Envision Unveils Redesigned Website

January 8, 2009: Envision Radio Networks has redesigned its website, partnering with Single Source Marketing to introduce lots of new features and fresh content.

AOL Puts ShoutCast Radio In Apple's App Store

January 7, 2009: AOL has brought out two new applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch: a ShoutCast radio application and an ICQ instant messaging app.

SanDisk Debuts Sansa SlotRadio Player

January 7, 2009: SanDisk Corp., which introduced the new slotMusic albums-on-memory-cards formats to little response a few months back, has introduced a new music device: a $100 PMP that holds 1,000 songs -- but not your songs.

Emmis/New York Debuts iPhone App

January 6, 2009: Emmis' New York stations have launched their own iPhone apps through a partnership with RadioVoodoo. The apps include a visual interface with music, artists, and events, and an innovative "now playing" feature that offers info on songs being played and instant iTunes downloads.

WMG Pulls Out Of YouTube Over Licensing Dispute

December 22, 2008: Unable to come to a deal over licensing fees, Warner Music Group has pulled its content -- both its own videos and user-generated videos using WMG tunes -- from Google's YouTube.

Online Video Growing Worldwide

December 22, 2008: The number of people who watch video online will jump to 941 million worldwide by 2012, says ABI Research.

Slacker Debuts 'Radio Plus'

December 22, 2008: Pure-play webcaster Slacker launches "Radio Plus," a new $4-a-month subscription service that falls between its free basic service and its $7.50 "Premium" plan.

Loyal Ears Signs Distribution Deal With

December 16, 2008: Loyal Ears has a new North American radio distribution deal with, an online news, sports, entertainment, and classifieds platform.

Google Your To-Do List

December 11, 2008: A new feature in the ever-evolving list of items in Google's Gmail labs lets you set up a to-do list -- or several to-do lists -- with direct links into related e-mails.

Al Bell Debuts 'Net Station, Website

December 11, 2008: Onetime Stax Record owner and Motown President Al Bell has launched a new company, Al Bell Presents, with a website and the first of several planned Internet radio channels already up.

U.K. 'Net Radio Listening On The Rise

December 11, 2008: U.K. ratings service RAJAR notes that the number of U.K. listeners to radio over the Internet rose by more than 1.6 million people between July and October.

Yangaroo Hooks Up With Powergold

December 11, 2008: Under a new deal, Yangaroo's Digital Media Distribution System is now integrated into Micropower's Powergold music-scheduling software, letting users pull DMDS-distributed music directly into their libraries.

Boomers Still Love Their E-Mail

December 11, 2008: It's all about texting with the younger demos, but the boomers still prefer old-fashioned e-mail, according to a study by ExactTarget.

Slacker & TargetSpot Team Online To 'Follow The Listener'

December 9, 2008: TargetSpot has announced a partnership with for an online radio advertising service called "Follow the Listener."

Report: Yahoo Pushed To Sell Search To Microsoft

December 10, 2008: CNBC reports that a Yahoo investor is still pushing the portal to sell its search business to Microsoft.

Kawasaki To Open Radio Ink's Convergence '09

December 3, 2008: Guy Kawasaki, Apple innovator and Managing Director of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Garage Technology Ventures, will open Radio Ink's Convergence '09 conference, set for February 9-10 in San Jose.

CBS Radio To Power Yahoo's Launchcast

December 3, 2008: CBS Radio has signed on to power the 150 Yahoo Launchcast webcasts, combining them with its own streams in a new customized player. CBS Radio will take sales reponsibilities for all the channels.

Schilling Blog Moves To WEEI.Com

December 1, 2008: Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's blog, "38 Pitches," has moved to the online home of Entercom's Sports WEEI/Boston,

Report: CBS Subdomain Hacked

December 1, 2008: A subdomain of CBS's domain was hacked by Russian malware distributors, Techworld reports.

Akamai Report Details 'Net Stats

November 26, 2008 In its third-quarter "State of the Internet" report, Akamai points to some high-profile security problems and outages in Q3, reports improvement in other arenas, and gives some stats on high-speed access in the U.S.

Top Texting Town: El Paso

November 25, 2008: El Paso is the top U.S. city for text messaging, says Scarborough Research, with 57 percent of adult cellphone subscribers sending texts, significantly higher than the figure of 48 percent for the U.S. overall.

CBS Radio Tops Ando's October Webcast Ratings

November 25, 2008: CBS Radio was the top solo streamer in Ando Media's Webcast Metrics ratings for October, with a Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-8 p.m. AQH of 167,104 and cume of 2.9 million.

Jacobs Media Debuts iPhone Radio App

November 19, 2008: Jacobs Media has developed a new application that puts station streaming on the iPhone desktop, giving listeners direct access to audio streams with a touch of a station logo.

WTOP Launches 'Custom Commute' Traffic Cams

November 19, 2008: Bonneville International’s News WTOP-FM Washington debuts an online traffic service, Custom Commute, that allows its website audience to view video from traffic cameras along the routes they need to travel.

Cuban Charged With Insider Trading

November 17, 2008: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, whose fortune was built on the $5.7 billion sale of to Yahoo in 1999, has been accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of insider trading in connection with a 2004 stock sale.

Entercom Sites Add SplashCast Video

November 12, 2008: Entercom's 70 music websites will soon feature an embeddable, interactive video player from SplashCast under a new agreement.

Circuit City Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

November 10, 2008: Shortly after announcing that it will close more than 150 stores nationwide, Circuit City has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Directed Gets Out Of The Sirius Business

November 10, 2008: Directed Electronics is winding down its relationship with Sirius XM Radio on the way to ending its distribution of satellite receivers.

AOL To Gmail: Boo!

November 3, 2008: AOL's mail blog engaged in some Halloween sarcasm last week, as the AOL webmail team pointed to some things they say they did long before Google, and thanking Google's Gmail for dressing up as AOL.

CBS Radio News Stations Draw Big Election-Night Traffic

November 5, 2008: CBS Radio reports that the websites and streams for its News stations saw big traffic bumps Tuesday night as listeners sought information on the presidential election.

With DOJ Suit Looming, Google Calls Off Search-Ad Deal With Yahoo

November 5, 2008: Google has pulled out of its advertising agreement with Yahoo after learning that the Department of Justice planned to file suit to block the deal, which would have had Yahoo replacing part of its search-results advertising with search ads by Google. Yahoo said it is "disappointed" that Google decided not to fight for the agreement in court.

FCC Opens Up TV 'White Space'

November 4, 2008: Over the objections of broadcasters, the FCC has passed rules to allow the unlicensed use of unused TV spectrum, or "white space." FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said that opening the spectrum will "allow for the creation of WiFi on steroids."

CBS Radio Debuts

November 4, 2008: CBS Radio/Detroit has launched a website,, that offers, among other things, four holiday music channels and a gift guide.

News KYW/Philadelphia Sends 'SantaTrax' Down The Chimney

November 3, 2008: CBS Radio's KYW (Newsradio 1060)/Philadelphia is playing Christmas music -- online via SantaTrax, a new custom webcast at the station website.

Amazon Takes On 'Wrap Rage'

November 3, 2008: Amazon .com is taking advantage of its position as a retail giant to encourage manufacturers to create "frustration-free packaging," with no hard plastic clamshells or twisty wire ties.

AOL Feeling Sociable

October 30, 2008: AOL, which has been knocking down the walls on its walled garden for quite a while now, has now opened the gates to social networks like MySpace and Facebook, by way of the new "My Networks" feature, which lets users post updates to several services at once.

Just Cool: USB Power Bar (With Flashlight)

October 30, 2008: If your USB-charged gadgets tend to run out of steam at inopportune moments, this rechargeable power bar, with adapters for a raft of different devices, might help.

CCTTN Data Added To Horizon's NavMate Software

October 29, 2008: Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network has another new partner, and its data will soon be incorporated into in-vehicle navigation technology by Horizon Navigation.

Sonos Adds, Pandora

October 28, 2008: Sonos, which makes dedicated streaming-music players, is now offering a software update that adds and Pandora's streams to its lineup. It's also giving away a free controller application via the iPhone app store.

Online Ad Prices Fall In Q3

October 28, 2008: According to PubMatic's AdPrice Index, online display ad pricing fell by 27 percent in the third quarter of 2008, and has been trending downward all year.

Crook & Chase Country Debuts For Station Sites

October 23, 2008: Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase have debuted website and related content for Country station websites under the Crook & Chase Country brand.

iPhones For Congress?

October 23, 2008: The House of Representatives may be changing its flavor of choice from BlackBerry to Apple, as the Chief Administrative Office is testing iPhones for Congress members.

Study: 18-34s Pay Attention To E-Mail Ads

October 23, 2008: New research shows that 18-34-year-olds are more influenced to make purchases by e-mail messages (and direct mail) than by advertising on social networks like MySpace or Facebook.

FlyCast Extends Its Reach To BlackBerry

October 23, 2008: Mobile streaming network FlyCast, which last month released an iPhone app, is now available on some BlackBerry models as well.

Yahoo Preps For Big Job Cuts

October 22, 2008: With profits down, Yahoo is set to lay off at least 10 percent of its workforce, or at least 1,400 people. The portal already cut 1,000 jobs in February.

SlotMusic Cards, And Something To Play Them On

October 15, 2008:The first music in the new SlotMusic format -- MP3s on microSD memory cards -- are out the door, with albums by Coldplay, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and others heading to store shelves. And, to play them on, SanDisk has introduced the Sansa SlotMusic player.

StreamAudio Launches Multiformat Streaming

October 15, 2008: StreamAudio has introduced a new feature, Multiformat Streaming, that lets stations run their Internet audio in MP3, WMA, AAC, and other audio formats so they can reach the largest possible online and mobile audience.

CBS Radio Launches Website Music Widget

October 10, 2008: CBS Radio has debuted a widget on station websites that offers detail on music as it plays and lets listeners share stations and buy music online, along with a nifty feature that lets fans dedicate and forward tracks via

Military Buys More BE Transmitters

October 16, 2008: Broadcast Electronics has been awarded a contract to supply the U.S. military with eight solid-state FM transmitters for bases in Europe and Korea.

K-Rock2 Launches On HD Radio

October 9, 2008: CBS Radio Alternative webcast K-Rock2 is now going out over the air, as the HD2 subchannel for Rock WXRK (K-Rock)/New York.

Report: EMI To Launch Its Own Online Music Service

October 9, 2008: EMI is gearing up to launch an online music service later this year, the Wall Street Journal reports, with an eye to gathering data on its customers.

Clear Channel Radio Gets An iPhone App

October 9, 2008: Clear Channel Radio stations are now available for streaming on Apple iPhones via the newly launched iheartradio app.

iBiquity Declares HD Radio Milestones

October 7, 2008: The HD Radio rollout rolls on, as HD developer iBiquity announces that 1.5 million chipsets have now been shipped, more than 1 million HD Radio receivers have been made, and the 100th product incorporating HD technology has been certified.

Web Users Growing More Tolerant Of Intrusive Ads

October 7, 2008: Dynamic Logic's "AdReaction 5" survey found that Web users are becoming more willing to put up with ads that get in the way of 'Net content, with only 21 percent saying such ads are never acceptable and most saying that two such ads an hour is a reasonable number.

Study: Guys Like The 'Net Better Than TV

October 7, 2008: A new study commissioned by Break Media (slogan: "We Know Guys") found that nearly 70 percent of men 18-34 would rather give up their televisions than the Internet, Online Media Daily reports.

Sirius XM Debuts First A La Carte Receiver

October 2, 2008: Sirius XM Radio has introduced the Starmate 5 receiver, the first Sirius receiver to support a la carte channel selection, as well as the "Best of XM" package.

Could Royalties Hike Mean The End Of iTunes?

October 1, 2008: Apple is really, really unhappy with the National Music Publishers Association's bid to get a 6 cent rate hike on music bought through legal download services. So unhappy that it's threatened to pull the plug on iTunes if the NMPA gets its way.

Webcaster Settlement Act Passes In Senate

October 1, 2008: The Webcaster Settlement Act, which extends the royalties negotiation period for webcasters and royalties collector SoundExchange, has passed in the Senate and is on its way to the White House.

NAB Looks For Quick Talks On Webcast Rates

October 1, 2008: With the Webcaster Settlement Act expected to be signed into law, NAB EVP Dennis Wharton says the group "looks forward to sitting down quickly with SoundExchange" to work out new webcast royalty rates.

Bassik Takes Top Digital Slot At Air America

September 30, 2008: Michael Bassik has been named to the newly created post of Chief Digital Officer at Air America Media. Michael Bassik has been named to the newly created post of Chief Digital Officer at Air America Media.

Wilson Named SVP/GM For NPR Digital Media

September 25, 2008: Kinsey Wilson is coming over from USA Today to NPR, where he will take on duties as SVP/GM for Digital Media.

MySpace Music Goes Live

September 25, 2008: MySpace has launched its huge new music initiative to its estimated 120 million users, offering DRM-free music from all four major label groups via Amazon, as well as free on-demand streams, videos, custom playlists, and more.

Dorgan: Time For Regulators To Focus On Internet Privacy

September 25, 2008: At a hearing today on broadband providers and consumer privacy, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) cited the benefits of online advertising -- but said he' concerned about the "invisibility" of data collection and about consumers' ability to control private information.

Shea Named StreamTheWorld Chairman

September 24, 2008: Streaming tech and services company StreamTheWorld has a new Chairman of the Board: Broadcast-industry vet Kevin Shea.

Bush Administration Opposes Intellectual Property Bill

September 24, 2008: In a letter to Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Arlen Specter (R-PA), Principal Deputy Asst. Attorney General Keith Nelson and Department of Commerce attorney Lily Fu Claffee say the Bush administration has "strong and significant concerns" about a bill that would let the Department of Justice pursue civil lawsuits against suspected copyright infringers.

Majors To Sell Music On microSD

September 23, 2008: The world has not exactly been clamoring for a new physical medium for music delivery, but SanDisk is nevertheless introducing slotMusic -- albums preloaded on the microSD cards that work with cellphones and other media gadgets -- with the backing of all four majors.

Dr. Laura Channel Debuts On YouTube

September 23, 2008: Nationally syndicated talk host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has launched "The Dr. Laura Channel" on YouTube, with behind-the-scenes footage, video blogs, and answers to listener questions.

CTIA: Text Messages Drive Booming Data Revenue

September 18, 2008: The CTIA reports that revenues from mobile data services were up 40 percent in the first half of the year, with much of that growth driven by text messaging.

Study: 20 Million U.S. Households Are Now Mobile-Only

September 18, 2008: A new Nielsen study found that about 17 percent of U.S. telephone households are now cellphone-only, with no landline installed -- and that may go up to 20 percent by the end of the year.

Ex-EMI Exec Zieman Joins Yangaroo

September 17, 2008: Josh Zieman, formerly VP/Marketing for EMI division Manhattan/Blue Note, has joined Yangaroo as SVP/Business Development.

Bonneville Hooks Up With WorldBand For HD2 Programming

September 17, 2008: Bonneville International has signed up with WorldBand Media to offer customized South Asian programming on the HD2 channel of News WTOP/Washington.

CC Online Music & Radio Adds Two Execs

September 17, 2008: Josh Klenert has joined Clear Channel Online Music & Radio in the newly created post of VP/Creative Director, while Michael Jackel arrives as SVP/Digital Sales.

Senator Asks Wireless Carriers To Justify Text Prices

September 11, 2008: Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) has written to top execs at AT&T, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile to ask why text messaging prices have doubled since 2005 for all four carriers.

Harcourt's Tuned In Goes Wireless

September 11, 2008: KCRW/Santa Monica, CA host Nic Harcourt's Tuned In is now available on Verizon's V Cast Video.

Content Factory Acquires Game Time Decisions

September 10, 2008: The Content Factory has acquired Game Time Decisions, and the online and software company will power a new "Weekly Pick Five" fantasy-football game on Content Factory host Dan Patrick's website.

Apple Debuts New Nanos, Not Much Else

September 9, 2008: Apple's highly hyped "Let's Rock" event, held in San Francisco today, brought new iPod models, upgrades to iTunes, bug fixes for the iPhone 36 -- and not much else.

WRXP's Pinfield Alive & Well Despite Wikipedia Scare

September 9, 2008: WRXP/New York morning man Matt Pinfield is just fine-- despite a malicious bit of Wikipedia editing that said he was killed by a stray bullet while reporting for VH1 in Afghanistan.

Gannett Picks Up Added Stake In CareerBuilder

September 4, 2008: Gannett has bought an additional 10 percent stake in CareerBuilder from Tribune Co., making Gannett the majority shareholder in the jobs site.

AOL Offers Ads Just For iPhones

September 4, 2008: AOL's Platform-A division is rolling out ads that are targeted to Apple iPhone users.

Google Joins The Browser Wars

September 3, 2008: The Google monolith has taken another step toward total Web domination with the beta release of the new Chrome browser. Early word is mostly good, but Chrome's EULA included language that raised hackles all over the Web (Google says it's fixing it now).

Jones Picked As GM Of HipCricket Hispanic Network<

September 3, 2008: David Jones has been appointed GM of HipCricket's Hispanic Mobile Marketing Network.

Tribune Interactive Names Content Team

September 2, 2008: Former Clear Channel/DC-Baltimore exec Jeff Kapugi is among the new additions to the content team at Tribune Interactive, joining up as VP/Content for the Chicago market.

Enticent Gives Away StickyFish

September 2, 2008: Enticent said today it will be offering its StickyFish loyalty product free for the rest of 2008 to new station clients who sign a contract that runs through 2009.

Sony Launches Car Stereos With Zappin, USB-iPod Technology

August 28, 2008: Sony Electronics has released four new car stereo units that allow users to charge and control iPod music players.

Blogger Arrested, Accused Of Leaking Guns N’ Roses Songs

August 28, 2008: The FBI has arrested a blogger from Los Angeles after he allegedly streamed nine songs off Guns N’ Roses yet-to-be released album Chinese Democracy, on his website earlier this summer, according to a cnet report.

Online Retailer Accuses Microsoft Of Click Fraud

August 28, 2008: Online jewelry store allé Fine Jewelry, owned by Interactive Retail Management, has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft over billing for invalid clicks, Online Media Daily reports.

AccuRadio’s 24-Hour Station Features 2008 Chicago Jazz Festival Artists

August 27, 2008: Chicago-based multichannel Internet radio station AccuRadio has launched a 24-hour station featuring jazz musicians who are scheduled to perform at the 2008 Chicago Jazz Festival kicking off August 28.

Entercom Portland Streams Stations To Mobile Phones

August 25, 2008: Four Entercom stations in Portland – Classic Rock KGON-FM, Country KWJJ-FM, Alternative KNRK-FM, and KNRK’s HD channel devoted exclusively to Northwest bands – have begun streaming to Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Struble: Digital Content Will Maximize Radio's Value

August 22, 2008: In his second online column, iBiquity CEO Robert Struble shares thoughts on how to embrace digital technology, both online and over the air, to secure radio's future.

Chrysler Launches In-Car Internet

August 14, 2008: Chrysler said it was coming, and now it's here -- or it will be on August 25: The dealer-installed Mopar in-car cellular and WiFi hotspots, compatible with 2009 Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles and some earlier models.

WMG Gets Behind Music Services Imeem, Lala

August 14, 2008: Warner Music Group has invested a combined $35 million in music and social-networking site Imeem and streaming site, an SEC filing shows.

Time Warner Stakeholder Interested In AOL Dialup

August 14, 2008: Time Warner just split its long-suffering AOL division in two, hoping to spin off one or both halves, and it may have found a new home for the dialup business already, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Premiere Debuts iTunes Download Show

August 13, 2008: Premiere Radio Networks this weekend will debut The iTunes Download, a three-hour countdown show hosted by Apple's Alex Luke, on Top 40 stations nationwide.

Savelli Joins GAP As EVP/Digital Media

August 13, 2008: Vic Savelli has been named EVP/Digital Media for GAP Broadcasting Group, heading new media operations for GAP Broadcasting and GAPWEST.

Rubin Joins MOG Board

August 12, 2008: Revered producer Rick Rubin has joined the board of music-focused blogging network MOG and is taking what MOG calls "a fairly active role" in its development.

Interactive One Debuts Three New Sites

August 7, 2008: Radio One's Interactive One division has launched three new websites -- NewsOne, TheUrbanDaily, and HelloBeautiful -- that join social-networking site BlackPlanet to make Interactive One "the largest online media entity for African Americans."

KMVN/L.A. Signs On With Enticent For 'Movin Rewards'

August 7, 2008: Emmis Rhythmic AC KMVN/Los Angeles is using Enticent's StickyFish product for its new "Movin Rewards" program.

Time Warner Splits AOL In Two

August 6, 2008: Time Warner said it has split AOL's content side from its dialup ISP business -- and it could be on the way to selling both halves.

Just Cool: Instant Ripper For Vinyl & Cassette

August 6, 2008: Do you have stacks of LPs and cassettes you never play anymore? Check out the Instant Music Vinyl and Cassette Ripper to get those once-loved tunes into digital form. Debuts On-Demand In Japan

August 5, has extended the reach of its free, on-demand music services to Japan. The only major label on board so far is Universal, but has deals with aggregators and indies bringing the streaming catalog up to a respectable 3.5 million tracks.

Yahoo Uses Coupons To Placate Music Buyers

August 4, 2008: The Yahoo Music Store is going away, and, to make life a little easier for the music buyers who'll find their legal downloads unsupported next month, it's offering coupons for tunes on new partner Rhapsody.

Play MPE Rolls Out Mediabase Downloads In Canada

August 1, 2008: Destiny Media Technologies is rolling out direct-to-station major-label downloads from the Canadian Mediabase charts.

Westwood One Adds AirSage Traffic Data

July 31, 2008: Westwood One and AirSage have announced a partnership deal under which Metro Traffic will use AirSage's cell-phone-based data on traffic speed and flow.

Report: Hispanic Online Population On The Rise

July 31, 2008: A report from eMarketer estimates that about 52 percent of the U.S. Hispanic population is now online. That's 23 million people, and eMarketer thinks the figure will be 30 million by 2012.

New Asus PND Comes With CCTTN Traffic

July 30, 2008: Asus, the people who make the popular Eee PC netbook, are now in the navigation business, and Clear Channel Total Traffic Network is providing the data for the new PND.

New NAB Site Showcases Broadcasters' Public Service

July 30, 2008: The NAB has unveiled a new website it's built just to highlight broadcasters' public service contributions.

Study: Sports Fans An Active, Valuable Online Audience

July 29, 2008: A study from Jupiter Research found that serious sports fans make up 19 percent of overall online users. They're one of the most lucrative audiences available, and they like their content local.

Clear Channel, Katz Launch Katz Online Network

July 28, 2008: Clear Channel and Katz Media Group have joined forces to launch the Katz Online Network, including AM and FM streams from Clear Channel, Cox, Emmis, Bonneville, Salem, and others.

Salem Buys Job Site

July 25, 2008: Salem Communications has expanded the Salem Web Network, buying long-running Christian jobs site

KSPN/L.A. Launches Daily Dameshek Podcasts

July 24, 2008: Los Angeles ESPN affiliate KSPN is starting a podcast featuring Dave Dameshek, who'll come off the air to focus on the online show.

Yahoo Music Store Is No More

July 24, 2008: Yahoo is getting out of the music sales business, just like MSN Music did, with the same potential hassle for customers, whose purchased music won't be movable to new computers once the Yahoo Music Store is gone.

CBS Radio Offers Video To All Station Sites

July 23, 2008: CBS Radio has debuted a new video platform, powered by WorldNow, on four major-market radio websites and is offering the video capacity to all 140 of its stations.

Reworked Offers New Ad Opportunities

July 23, 2008: The freshly overhauled is also offering new marketing campaigns for advertisers, including ads that bop to the music.

Coby Comes Out With Cordless HD Receiver

July 22, 2008: Coby Electronics is coming out with a cordless portable HD Radio receiver next month, for $149, along with a smaller component receiver for $99.

Does Microsoft Want AOL Too?

July 17, 2008: Even as Microsoft continues its campaign to get its hands on an unwilling Yahoo, reports are flying today that sales talks for AOL are heating up. One of the bidders? Microsoft -- and the embattled Yahoo is also in the hunt.

Greater Media Signs On With Liquid Compass

July 15, 2008: Streaming and web-services provider Liquid Compass is adding Greater Media to its streaming radio network, and adding its new, Silverlight-based media player to the company's station sites.

Sportswriters Join Revamped

July 15, 2008:Entercom Sports powerhouse WEEI/Boston has lured Boston Herald sportswriters Michael Felger and Rob Bradford to serve as reporter and editor of an overhauled

iPhone 3G Sells A Million Over The Weekend

July 14, 2008: Apple's eagerly anticipated iPhone 3G went on sale Friday, and Apple happily announced today that they've already sold a million of the things. And radio is part of the iPhone 3G experience, including free streams from CBS Radio/AOL Radio and Greater Media.

Disney Records Allies With Napster For Webcast

July 14, 2008: Walt Disney Records has signed up with digital music retailer Napster for a commercial-free "Best of Disney" webcast station and a downloadable Disney playlist.

Kennedy Heads Digital Newsgathering For CBS

July 7, 2008: CBS Corp. has moved CBS Evening News Coordinating Producer Brian Kennedy to an all-digital role, as he becomes Director/Digital News Gathering for CBS News and Sports. Offers Direct Royalties Payments To Indie Artists

July 9, 2008: On-demand music site has officially launched an artist royalty program that lets unsigned and independent artists get music directly from every time their tracks are streamed.

Makers Offer HD Radios For Under $100

July 9, 2008: HD Radio receivers are now available from Coby, iLuv, Radiosophy, Sony, and others for under a hundred bucks, as HD developer iBiquity Digital says HD has "smashed" that $100 barrier.

Google Gets Lively

July 9, 2008: Google, which has a hand in just about everything else, has now climbed into the virtual world business with the brand new Lively, now in beta.

Americans Seeing More Screen Time

July 10, 2008: Nielsen's "3 Screens" report shows that Americans are spending more time with all "three screens" -- television, Internet, and mobile -- and, in fact, are watching more television than ever before.

Media Monitors Granted Audio-Matching Patent

July 10, 2008: Media Monitors has been granted a patent on its algorithm that matches audio source data with reference data, letting the company build a more accurate picture of what airs on radio and TV.

55 Percent Of Americans Have Broadband At Home

July 3, 2008: In a new survey, the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 55 percent of Americans now have broadband access at home, but adoption rates appear to have stalled among lower-income consumers.

Gap Chooses Ando Media For Measurement, Ad Insertion

July 3, 2008: Gap Broadcasting has picked Ando Media for audience measurement, by way of Ando's Webcast Metrics, and will also be using Ando's AdInjector ad insertion for all of its station streams.

Worldwide Spending On Internet Ads: $107 Billion By 2011

July 3, 2008: Market research firm IDC is estimating that Internet advertising will be a $106.6 million market worldwide by 2011, representing 14 percent of ad spending across all media. That will be up from $65.2 billion, or nearly 10 percent of spending, in 2008.

WSJ: Microsoft Still Looking To Grab Yahoo's Search Business

July 2, 2008: Microsoft isn't done with Yahoo yet, says the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Microsoft has approached other media companies about "joining it in a deal that would effectively lead to Yahoo's breakup."

Think Fast! Big Brands Respond Quickly To Text Messages

July 2, 2008: When people send you a text message, how fast does your system respond? A study by Keynote Systems shows the average response time among some very big brands is pretty quick: just 9 seconds.

Whatley Upped To AMSi President

July 1, 2008: Charles Andrew Whatley has been promoted to President of American Media Serivces -Interactive, rising from VP/Sales & Marketing.

McCormick Joins HipCricket As VP

July 1, 2008: Dennis McCormick has been named VP/Sales & Client Development for mobile marketer HipCricket.

Rhapsody Moves To MP3s, Hooks Up With Verizon's VCast

June 30, 2008: Venerable online music service Rhapsody has made the move to unprotected MP3s in its new "Music Without Limits" song store, and it's also signed a distribution deal with Verizon to sell songs over the air through the VCast service.

Chrysler Offers WiFi On Wheels

June 26, 2008: Internet radio -- in fact, the entire Internet -- is coming to the car by way of a major automaker, as Chrysler announces uconnect web. The dealer-installed option, available in 2009 Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep models, turns a car into a rolling WiFi hotspot.

LFM, Emmis Interactive Expand Relationship

June 26, 2008: Emmis Interactive, which has been helping in setup and consulting for Lincoln Financial Media websites since March of last year, will now power LFM's radio sites in four markets.

Fox Launches Online 'Viewer Community'

June 25, 2008: Fox Broadcasting Co. has made a deal with Passenger to launch a highly interactive "viewer community," where fans 18-49 will be able to "collaborate" on all things Fox -- including marketing ideas and even the plot points and character development on their favorite shows.

Update: Charter-NebuAd Deal Put On Hold

June 25, 2008: Controversial targeted-ad service NebuAd won't be tested by Charter Communications after all -- at least not right now. And a lawmaker who had raised privacy concerns about the service is praising that decision.

L.A.'s Sound Puts 'Now Playing' On Billboards

June 25, 2008: Clear Channel Outdoor's digital billboards are all over Los Angeles, and Bonneville's Triple A KSWD (The Sound)/L.A. is taking advantage of the possibilities as it brings up-to-the-minute "Now Playing" data to the streets.

Google Takes Aim At Media Planners

June 24, 2008: Google is reaching out to agency media buyers with the brand-new Google Ad Planner, designed to help tightly target online display buys. Debuts Online Affiliate Network

June 23, 2008: has expanded its network of affiliate websites as it adds new station partners in DC, Denver, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and West Palm Beach.

Free Press Gets Tough With NebuAd

June 19, 2008: Online privacy is always a very touchy subject, and public interest group Free Press thinks it's found one targeted-ad provider crossing the line. In a new report, Free Press is accusing NebuAd of "wiretapping, forgery, and browser hijacking" in the service of targeted advertising.

Sirius Makes Deal With Lamborghini

June 19, 2008: Sirius is now the exclusive satellite radio provider for very, very high-end automaker Lamborghini, as the satcaster will come standard in 2009 Murcielagos.

WMVN/St.Louis Powers Up

June 19, 2008: Bonneville International's Rhythmic AC WMVN (Movin 101)/St. Louis has completed its transmission upgrade, rolling up from 50,000 to 100,000 watts.

Report: Digital Music Will Overtake Physical Media By 2011

June 18, 2008: Digital is the unsurprising bright spot in the future of the recorded-music industry, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers' new "Global and Entertainment Media" outlook report, with PWC projecting that legal digital sales, including downloads and ringtones, will continue to boom. In fact, PWC believes digital music sales will overtake physical music media worldwide by 2011 -- but digital won't be enough to stop the overall global recorded-music business from declining.

Kitchin Joins HipCricket Board

June 18, 2008: The board of directors of radio-oriented mobile marketer HipCricket has a new member, as former Premiere Radio Networks exec Kraig Kitchin joins up.

UMG, Make Video Deal

June 17, 2008: Universal Music Group, which is already a music partner with CBS-owned, is now offering videos for free, on-demand streaming on the music and social site.

Greater Media Signs Up For Redlasso's Air2Web

Redlasso has the first client for its brand-new Air2Web online platform: the always digitally forward-thinking Greater Media, which is using Air2Web to deliver clips from Rocker WMMR/Philadelphia's Preston and Steve Show.

CBS Gets Antitrust Approval For CNET Deal

CBS Gets Antitrust Approval For CNET Deal

CBS has completed its required waiting period and has the go-ahead from the Department of Justice's Antitrust Division for its $1.8 billion acquisition of CNET Networks. The next step is for shareholders to vote on the deal.

Yahoo, Google Make Massive Ad Deal

As Yahoo's negotiations with Microsoft officially end, Yahoo and Google have reached an agreement under which Google-supplied ads will run alongside Yahoo search results and on some Yahoo pages. But the deal between the search behemoths won't go into effect until the Department of Justice has taken a look at the arrangements.

Warner Music Group Bails Out Of

CBS Corp.'s fast-growing has hit a bump in the road, as Warner Music Group has pulled its music from the on-demand portion of the service for now, reportedly over how much it's getting paid.

Yahoo To Distribute CBS Content

There's going to be a lot more CBS TV available online, as the CBS Audience Network adds Yahoo to its distribution partners -- a list that already includes AOL, MSN, YouTube,, Veoh, Sling Media, and many others.

Welcome To Convergence Weekly

Today marks the launch of Radio Ink's Convergence Weekly, covering technology news, deals, developments, people, and everything going on on the digital side of the radio and music industries.

ABC Radio Networks Adds Fame Games

ABC Radio Networks has partnered with Mere Music International and is now offering a radio version of MMI's popular Web-based music competition, Fame Games. The webcast, due to launch on ABC Radio Networks affiliates later this month, currently draws more than 2.5 million mostly U.S.-based listeners and attracts song entries from all over the world.

Microhoo Rises Again?

No, Microsoft and Yahoo aren't back in merger talks, but they are talking -- "in light of developments" that include a letter to the Yahoo board by activist investor Carl Icahn, who doesn't care for the Yahoo board's decision to reject Microsoft's buyout bid.

Pioneer Objects To Proposed HD Requirement For Satellite Receivers

In an FCC filing, consumer electronics manufacturer Pioneer North America is objecting -- strongly -- to iBiquity Digital's proposal that HD Radio be required in new satellite radio receivers if XM and Sirius are allowed to merge.

Survey: Rock Video Games Sell Rock Records

A recent Jacobs Media survey of Rock radio listeners found that rock-based video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero are influencing players to buy the music they hear.

Yahoo To Distribute CBS Content

There's going to be a lot more CBS TV available online, as the CBS Audience Network adds Yahoo to its distribution partners -- a list that already includes AOL, MSN, YouTube,, Veoh, Sling Media, and many others.

ABC Radio Networks Adds Fame Games

ABC Radio Networks has partnered with Mere Music International and is now offering a radio version of MMI's popular Web-based music competition, Fame Games. The webcast, due to launch on ABC Radio Networks affiliates later this month, currently draws more than 2.5 million mostly U.S.-based listeners and attracts song entries from all over the world.

FCC Releases Order On Broadband Data Collection

The FCC is expanding its data collection on broadband penetration, and is now gathering information every six months from broadband providers about local subscribership, speed, and technology. But one commissioner thinks the FCC is poking around in areas where it doesn't belong.

MySpace Is Getting An Overhaul

MySpace is big, popular, and influential, but beautiful it is not. But next week the infamously cluttered interface is getting an overhaul -- just as that other social networking monster, Facebook, has matched MySpace's traffic for the first time.

MMA Asks For Comment On Mobile Marketing Guidelines

August 11, 2008: Having created a set of guidelines for mobile marketers, the Mobile Marketing Association now wants to hear what the public thinks.

The Week Online

Dunkin' Donuts Makes Friends On Facebook

February 26, 2009: Dunkin' Donuts has made a big move into social media, but not to promote its doughnuts. Instead, it ran a two-day Faceook event to promote multigrain bagels, light lattes, and other healthier fare.