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Google Wins Suit Over Street View

February 20, 2009: A Pittsburgh couple who sued Google for $25,000 when their house showed up on Google Street View have lost in court, CNET reports, with the judge saying they "failed to state a claim in any court."

The couple, whose house is on a private road, said they were caused "mental suffering" when it showed up on Google Street View and that their home's value was affected. They had also demanded that the images be removed and destroyed.

In its response to the suit, Google said it is legally allowed to take pictures on private roads, adding, "Today's satellite-image technology means that ... complete privacy does not exist."

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Dunkin' Donuts Makes Friends On Facebook

February 26, 2009: Dunkin' Donuts has made a big move into social media, but not to promote its doughnuts. Instead, it ran a two-day Faceook event to promote multigrain bagels, light lattes, and other healthier fare.