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NAB Contacts BMW About Removing AM Radio


Did you know BMW recently decided to remove AM radio from its new i3 model electric car because of interference with the electric motor? BMW spokesman Dave Buchko was recently quoted saying, We learned from our experience with MINI E and BMW ActiveE that the electric motor causes interference with the AM signal. Rather than frustrate customers with inferior reception, the decision was made to leave it off. HD radio is standard on the i3 and through multi-casting, many traditional AM stations in key markets are available on secondary and tertiary HD signals. NAB CEO Gordon Smith has written a letter to BMW North America President Ludwig Willisch urging him to work with the NAB and put them back in.

Smith said the NAB appreciates BMWs concern that the i3s electric motor could cause interference with AM signals and leave customers frustrated. However, BMWs electric car competitors have addressed this AM signal interference sufficiently enough that their vehicles still come equipped with AM radio. And the NAB is working with the FCC to address interference challenges on the AM band. "We strongly urge you to reconsider the choice to exclude AM radio from the i3. AM radio continues to serve an important role in Americas cultural landscape, and i3 drivers deserve access to this programming. Americas thousands of local broadcasters welcome a partnership with BMW that includes AM radio on the dashboard of all of your vehicles."

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