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FLASHBACK - There was a Deal in 2010


The radio industry has not had a chance to defend itself in front of the House Judiciary Committee, that will come from Charles Warfield on June 25. However, government involvement could have been avoided if a deal negotiated by the NAB and MusicFIRST back in 2010 was signed.

At the time, NAB Radio Board Chair Caroline Beasley said, while the NAB remains 100 percent opposed to performance fee legislation pending in Congress, we have endorsed a solution in a good faith effort to resolve the issue. "Today's endorsement includes provisions that are essential to the future of free and local radio, and we're hopeful that the musicFIRST Coalition finds it in their best interest to say 'yes' to this proposal."

In fact the rates on the table back then may be more desirable to any rates imposed by the government today. Also interesting in this 2010 TERM SHEET was radio's call for a mandated FM Chip in Cell Phones. The two sides appeared to be ready to sign the term sheet before the whole thing fell apart.

Read the 2010 NAB Press Release HERE