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Why Did Scott Shannon Quit WPLJ?


The legendary New York City DJ Scott Shannon announced his retirement from WPLJ-FM on Friday and there was no long goodbye, Friday was his last day. Game over. Shannon's was a career at the station certainly worthy of much more than a few hours of callers wishing him well, but he said that's all he wanted. Shannon did not return repeated requests for an interview on Friday and the station referred our calls to Cumulus corporate in Atlanta. Shannon and Todd Pettengill had been hosting mornings on the station for 22 years. This final photo was posted by WPLJ's Race Taylor to his Twitter page.

On the final show Friday, Shannon said he's ready to move on from the station, stating it was time to go. Listeners were calling in to thank him and reminisce about old times. At the end of the show, Shannon thanked everyone he worked for along with way, including Lew and John Dickey of Cumulus.

Sean Hannity told Radio Ink, "Scott Shannon is not only the creator and pioneer of the AM Zoo format, a format copied all over the country, he's a great all around radio genius with the best EAR for good radio I have ever run into. I am proud to call him a friend, a mentor and am even more proud he is and will continue to be the VOICE of the Seam Hannity show. After a few best of shoes, Pettengill will continue as the host of "The Todd Show."

Shannon will continue to host his "True Oldies Channel."


(1/30/2015 8:52:32 AM)
I have not been able to tune in to what was know as the Big Show since Scott left. It is simply horrible, after having them wake me up every morning for almost twenty years I was so sad - they were great together...this morning, however, I came across Scott Shannon Joe Nolan and Patty Steele on CBS fm - now I have a new station to wake me up with some very familiar hosts.

- connie durino
(1/26/2015 2:19:45 PM)
The show is definitely off. Its the format. They now have the most annoying female voices whom always seem to be talking about something sexual. It is just plain horrible. Todd does not seem as funny without Scott. They have lost a very long time listener. I refuse to tune in until I read this Jayde and Annie person are gone. Just plain horrible.

- Undivided
(1/15/2015 11:38:46 PM)
I listened to the Scott and Todd show fro m the beginning. I worked in NY and lived in NJ. Every morning I laughed my way to work and enjoyed my day listening to their show. Can't believe it came to an end. The show just isn't the same. Glad I have retired ans don't listen to the show as much. Love Todd but something is off, but it isn't Todd. Keep up the good work Todd.

- Ellen Ford-Vitollo
(11/24/2014 8:04:52 AM)
Todd was always a great sidekick and added that special spark to the Scott and Todd morning show. But without Scott,Todd's solo show is falling short. His skits aren't even that funny anymore. What happened? Used to be the best morning show.

- ej
(9/22/2014 7:35:43 AM)
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