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What Is H2 Radio?


A Chicago-based company called HearHere Radio is launching an app called H2 Radio, which the company says will give listeners "unprecedented control over what kinds of news they hear and when they hear it, and customized for wherever a listener happens to be." Listeners will be allowed to select what categories of news they want, search to find the stories, skip stories, and pause or rewind stories. The company will soon be changing the name from H2 Radio to Rivet.

Head of News at HearHere (formerly of Merlin Media) Charlie Meyerson says, "Over the last few decades, radio stations have gradually trimmed news or eliminated it altogether. Even those with full news departments live under oppressive time limits. H2 Radio gives news a chance to 'breathe.' This is radio news freed of the tyranny of the clock: Stories can run as long -- or as short -- as needed."

HearHere Radio CEO John MacLeod says, "H2 Radio is everything on-the-go news enthusiasts love, and none of the stuff you hate. It's news on your schedule: The latest traffic, weather, and breaking news reports are waiting for you whenever and wherever you turn on the app. It's 'the top of the hour' whenever you launch H2 Radio."
H2 Radio will launch on the iPhone as a free app some time in December (although the website doesn't say when, and a search in the Apple store came up empty) for Chicago and national listeners.

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