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TRN CEO Mark Masters Denies


Early this morning, TRN CEO Mark Masters issued a statement about the lawsuit he's facing from Andrea Tantaros. In the statement Masters says, up until very recently, the relationship with Andrea was excellent. He says he's now concerned a third party is misleading her for their own benefit, although he does not mention who that third party is. Masters says, "This is not an uncommon problem when the host of a successful syndicated radio show has achieved such early success in our industry."  And, the Tantaros lawsuit and her attorney statement paint a completely different story. Here's more from Masters:

"Regardless of this temporary intrigue, there is no legal basis for Andrea to terminate our contract (to the benefit of a predatory competitor), and we will require, and fully expect, her to abide by its terms.  Contrary to certain reports we have heard, we are in full compliance with our obligations under the contract, and are prepared to enforce our rights.”

(1/7/2014 6:19:16 PM)
VIiDi4 I value the article post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

- NY
(12/15/2013 12:48:16 AM)
haSJVo Thanks a lot for the blog article.Much thanks again. Will read on...

- NY
(10/25/2013 5:09:02 AM)
Up6oyG Thanks a lot for the article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

- NY
(10/13/2013 7:13:20 PM)
re: Mark Masters

When greed overtakes common sense, and ego overtakes what is good for the company, and when the employees, whether talent or admin/production are no longer THE COMPANY = THEN KARMA IS A BITCH! He needs his clock cleaned, although I truly do not believe he can LEARN A LESSON! So sad!

- Madame X
(10/12/2013 3:25:27 PM)
The man has ruined many hosts... anyone remember Mancow? He is lost in his own neurotic mind. I bet he is or was in breach with all of his hosts at one time or another. The man is an open sore on Radio's already fading skin.

- Art

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