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Pirates Caught Operating Near Boston


This time it was local firefighters who caught the illegal operators not the FCC. According to, Brockton firefighters were experiencing interference on their car radios and music started playing over the speakers in the station used for dispatching fire engines. The local police were called in and a satellite dish and an FM antenna were located across the street from the fire station.
Brockton City Councilor Dennis DeNapoli said, "The antenna extended nearly 60 feet in the air and an unlicensed station was broadcasting on 88.9 MHz, right next to WERS in Boston. The headline on this is public safety. That interference put residents at risk.”
According to the antenna was on a building that houses several storefronts, one advertising shipping to Haiti and another the Cardoso Driving School. When Brockton police officer Scott Uhlman approached a group of Haitian men hanging out behind the building and asked who owned the radio equipment, the men did not give a straight answer. He then climbed on the roof with a pair of wire cutters and quickly found the owner. The station was shut down immediately and the next day the antenna and radio equipment were gone.

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