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RAB Says Q2 Revenue Was Flat


Radio Advertising Bureau President and CEO Erica Farber says, “First-half activity yielded a mixed-bag of results. While the second quarter was flat, activity was gaining as the months progressed, an encouraging sign for growth in the latter half of 2013.” The quarterly RAB report states radio’s second quarter 2013 revenue registered “no change” from 2012, at $4.66 billion. First-half comps were similarly flat, at $8.44 billion. Digital provided a bright note, up 16 percent for the quarter and 13 percent for the half. Network was down 4 percent for both periods.

Farber added, “When we analyze results for the year thus far, we see a clear commitment to advertising and radio on the part of the most successful companies within their respective categories. Not only does this affirm the impact of maintaining an advertising presence through all economic climates, it underscores the fact that these marketers know the intrinsic value that radio – both on-air and digital – brings to their brands.”

See the full RAB release HERE

(8/19/2013 4:45:23 PM)

Before you took the RAB job did anyone tell you that radio has seen no appreciable growth since about 1998?
It's probably time to try something different other than the "whistling past the graveyard-stiff upper lip happy outlook news releases" like this latest one. The troops will get restless fast with that tired approach.

- Phil

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