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(DIGITAL) Make Sharing Your Content Easier


Dont get me wrong, using radio promotion is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your Web, mobile, and social media platforms. However, if you want to deepen engagement with your community, its no longer enough. You need to make sharing your content even easier.

I realize most radio folks dont want to hear this, but the most financially successful Web businesses were all built by sharing. Think about it, craigslist, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Zappos, eBay, and Google attribute much of their success to capitalizing on the sharing behavior of their communities.

Radio has an enormous opportunity to combine its promotional power with the sharing power of its listeners. Here are three free tools to make sharing your stations content even easier.

1. The YouTube of Audio Content

Everyone knows video gets shared on YouTube and photos get shared on Facebook, but where do you share audio? You can now share it on 

Most radio stations have a live stream on their website, but if a listener hears something they want to share, there is no easy way to do it. The content is stuck in a stream. SoundCloud  makes sharing your awesome audio content like funny segments from your morning show, great debates from talk radio, or awesome sports rants easier to share.

You can upload an audio file to SoundCloud for sharing with their community and then easily embed their player on your website for each audio clip. Social media tools are also integrated into the player to promote sharing. Its completely free and makes sharing your unique audio content even easier, helping it reach an even larger online audience.

2. Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Anyone maintaining the Facebook page or Twitter feed for your station knows how time consuming it can be if you are going to do it right. Instead of remembering to post content each day you can now schedule it in advance using bufferapp. 

There are several other social media scheduling tools, but I prefer the simplicity of bufferapp. You can schedule posts on both Facebook and Twitter, and choose the days of the week and time of day you want your posts to appear. Analytical tools also help you track how users interact with your social media content.

3. AddThis To Each Piece Of Web Content

Surprisingly, most radio station websites dont included sharing tools like email or posting to social media for each piece of content on their website. To make sharing your websites content easier for your users, try (Seriously, thats its name!) 

Notice the orange share icon underneath the title of each article on RadioInk? Thats from AddThis. Using a piece of free code from AddThis, you can add that same icon to each one of your posts so your users can email or print that content, as well as share it on over 300 social media networks. 

If you arent making your Web content easier to share, youre depressing your Web traffic and preventing your station from building a larger audience. Everyone on the Web today is sharing, its time your station was too.

Stephen Warley is the founder of, a research and training firm dedicated to helping radio broadcasters use digital tools to generate more qualified sales leads.  He is also the founded of in 2008. Have a question for Stephen? Email him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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