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Consumers Want Radio In The Dash


Ever since distinguished Gartner analyst Thilo Koslowski said at Convergence, "The platform you use to get content in the car will be very different," and, "Before it goes away completely, you will see some changes over the next several years," the topic of AM/FM radio in the dashboard has reached the highest levels of the radio industry. Turns out the consumer may have something to say about that, according to a study by Mark Ramsey. The compelling data Ramsey produced is also making its way around the industry this week. We spoke to Ramsey about his research, his thoughts on this big debate, and whether or not radio is producing the kind of product the consumer wants and expects. Listen to our interview HERE

From Mark Ramsey's Research:
- 67.3 percent said they strongly disagree after hearing this statement: "If automakers removed radio from my next car, I probably wouldn't notice."
- 74.5 percent said they disagree after hearing this statement: "It's okay if automakers remove radios from my next car because I could always listen to my favorite stations on my mobile device via the Internet."
- 58 percent said they agree with this statement: "Even if I could always listen to my favorite stations on my mobile device via the Internet, I would be unhappy if automakers remove radios from new cars."

Reach out to Mark Ramsey at

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