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(AUDIO) Farley Retiring At The End Of 2013


Jim Farley has been hinting for awhile that he'd like to retire and now he's made it official. The WTOP VP of News & Programming told GM Joel Oxley that 2013 will be his final year working a full schedule. He wants to spend more time with his wife and grandchildren. We spoke to Farley about his time at WTOP, how the radio industry looks at news and how digital has transformed WTOP's newsroom. As always, he spoke candidly, saying radio should be "horribly embarrassed" about the way it now covers news. LISTEN HERE

Farley says he bleeds WTOP blood and he's deeply invested in its continued success. "I plan to stay involved until I start to drool conspicuously. I’ll be a proactive resource for Joel (Oxley), Laurie (Cantillo), WTOP and Hubbard, and I will visit often. I have so many good friends in this building and spent the best part of my long career here. On to the next chapter, but not until 2014."


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