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Coming to Radio Ink's Convergence...Norm Pattiz. He says, "Radio may need a new definition. I love new definitions!" Pattiz is a keynote speaker at Radio Ink's Convergence 2013, set for March 4-5 in Santa Clara, in California's Silicon Valley. He's going to talk about the state of the industry, and why he thinks radio has been so slow -- that's right, much too slow -- to embrace digital.

Pattiz will talk about what he's doing now, at Courtside Entertainment Group and digital entertainment platform Launchpad Digital Media. It will be a wide-ranging and freewheeling talk about radio's future on the air, online, and everywhere.

Pattiz has been around  the radio business for quite awhile. You know his name -- everybody does. He founded Westwood One, essentially inventing modern radio syndication, and led it through its powerhouse days as the largest provider of news, sports, talk, and traffic to the industry. He was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by both President Clinton and President Bush, overseeing, among other things, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. He's in the National Radio Hall of Fame, and the Library of American Broadcasting named him one of the Giants of Broadcasting. So when Norm says now is the time for the radio industry to change, it's time to listen up. In fact, he says it's almost too late.

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