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Ingraham Talks About Next Phase of Life


Laura Ingraham, who started her new show with Courtside Entertainment this week, tells Diane Brady at Bloomberg/BusinessWeek that it was time for her to make many changes in her life, more than just going with a new syndicator. And she indicated that her show is going to be more about life and less about politics. "The personal connection with listeners is more satisfying than political conversations."

Ingraham said she sought advice from many people about the next phase of her life, including Don Imus. Ingraham became a regular on the Imus in the Morning program back in the 90's. "Im a single mother to three young kids; Ive been treated for breast cancer; Im caring for my aging father. Theres a lot more that unites us than divides us. I want the show to be livelier, funnier, newsier, more unpredictable." Ingraham also said that if it weren't for the success of someone like Rush Limbaugh she wouldn't be doing this. "You have to deliver good product."

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(1/4/2013 6:48:13 AM)
I suspect you'll see a lot of other hosts moving away from 100% politics. Michael Savage has been doing this for a long time and it works for him. He's an entertaining guy and his takes on everyday life are hilarious. I don't know if it'll work for everyone else though. I hope it does though because the market is obviously saturated and bashing Obama, Pelosi, Reid for four more years on AM radio will make it tough to gain new audiences.

- Godzilla

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