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Huckabee to Fill the Ramsey Slot


It could have been, as Ramsey put it, an inability to agree on a simple renewal. Or it could be that Cumulus was simply looking to give more time to Mike Huckabee, who is part of the Cumulus Media roster. Huckabee will now air from noon to 3 p.m. on WWTN-FM (99.7) in Nashville. Michael Savage is also added to the station and will air from 10 p.m.-1 a.m. The changes go into effect January 1.

Cumulus/Nashville Market Manager Mike Carpenter said, "We believe in the Mike Huckabee Show and anticipate that this change will accelerate the governor's popularity in Nashville. Mike is a man of such character that we feel our clients will appreciate the opportunity to make him a key part of their marketing plans. His on-air interest in music expands our talk repertoire and will play extremely well in a city where the music industry is the number three employer. As for Savage, we assure you that a large number of our listeners will be happy to learn that their pleas have been heard and that Michael Savage is back on in Nashville."

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