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Should DG Affiliates Be Concened?


Immediately following the Dial Global SEC filings we wanted to get a feel for what that meant to affiliates and customers of the company. We reached out to Dial Global co-CEO Spencer Brown. Brown told Radio Ink, "It was a tough quarter and as a result we need to rework our lender agreements. We are in the midst of doing so but it is going to take a little time. We continue to operate the business and service our clients consistent with past practices. Anyone who has a concern should call me directly."

Dial Global distributes, produces, and/or syndicates programming and services to more than 8,500 radio stations nationwide. The company produces and/or distribute over 200 news, sports, music, talk and entertainment radio programs, services and digital applications, as well as audio content from live events, turn-key music formats (the 24/7 Radio Formats), prep services, jingles and imaging.

(11/16/2012 11:22:46 AM)
I wouldn't mind a return of Jones.

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